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My Phone Won't Charge!!


My Phone Won't Charge!!

I got my phone in september of 2010... and it's been issue after issue. Most of which I can fix on my own... but this problem isn't fixing. :/ I just did a factoy reset on my phone when this started, which sounds weird, so I figure it's coincidental... but it will say it's charging, when the phone is off... and I keep it plugged in so it charges to 100%... then I turn it on, and it says ike 12 %. If I plug in the charger while it's on, the battery charge drains quicker. Please help me!! Tell me this can be fixed and I don't need to buy a new phone. I really can't afford one. PS... it's not the battery, because my mom has the same phone, and either battery works in hers.... which is the only reason I have a phone at all... I charge her phone, switch batteries, and charge her phone again.



My Phone Won't Charge!!

Sorry for the inconvenience. I would suggest you to visit Sprint Service and Repair Center to have diagnostic test done on the phone/battery/charging cable.


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