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Picture messages, locking up and no signal


Picture messages, locking up and no signal

I am so frustrated with Sprint and the Intercept.  I had absolutely NO PROBLEMS for a year. Then moved ..... exatly 3 miles....only 3 miles....Now im in a "roaming zone" and have not been able to send or receive picture messages, Half the time I cannot even get reception.  Phone constantly locks up....even with incoming calls.....It rings and I cant answer it............Called support...They could not resolve the picture message issue... wanted me to take the phone to a sprt store.  Then they sent me an Airwave......Well, that does not work either.   Even with support.   So I am paying for everything data and cant use half the data that comes with that...half the time cannot even use the phone....I must say that at least the alarm works....pretty expensive alarm clock...........FRUSTRATED TO SAY THE LEAST.  I have updated the firmware the PRL, the profile so many times....I even have a Sprint "manager" that lives in my help at all!  Any recommendations ... any?...........

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