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Samsung Intercept BBB complaint against Sprint and Samsung


Samsung Intercept BBB complaint against Sprint and Samsung

I have decided to lodge a complaint against Sprint and Samsung because of the extremely horrible excuse for a smart phone that is the Samsun Intercept.  If you purchased a television and the channels did not switch  or if you purchased a stove and it didn't get hot you could get your money refunded at least have the product replaced.  At the very least you could get an apology from the manufacturer.   The Samsung Intercept does not perform basic functions such as placing a call properly.  I have had the following issues with my "smart phone":

  • It consistently freezes

  • Shuts off by itself for no reason

  • Will not power up after it powers down by itself

  • It may or may not read the memory card

  • Freezes during incoming which prevents me from answering

  • It will not read when connect it to my pc.

  • I may or may not receive emails. 

  • Moves extremely slow

  • It might ring and it might not

It is my belief Sprint and Samsung were aware of the faulty and inferior design of this product, yet the offered it as a low cost alternative.  Even if its not as expensive as an EVO or IPhone doesn't mean that is should not work properly! 

This is product has left a very sour taste in my mouth for the manufacturer and the service provider. 


I Got the Samsung Intercept at first I had problems because I downloaded two apps on my phone I didn't need a task killer and virus protection I took it to the store and they reset it and had to do it manually because the task killer had embedded into my phone. Ever since I had it reset I have not had any problems so you need to check into that


I did the same thing. I filed my complaint with the BBB and got nothing for my efforts. Sprint knows how to work that angle by now and are well prepared to VERY POLITELY tell you to "pound sand sucka!"

I like to refer to my phone as a P.O.S. (Piece of Sprint). I have told countless people the issues I have had and will continue to do so. It warms my heart to watch the value of their stock fall I myself purchased some on a short sell. They have brought this upon themselves through their practices and flagrent disregard for the consumer's well being. They think they are too large to fail, but failing they are. One customer at a time x10, x100, x10000, etc.

Don't give up and TELL EVERYONE!

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