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Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer


Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer

I want to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer, but when I connect the compatible USB cable to my computer, my computer doesn't recognize my cell phone.  The computer shows that I need to install driver software to my computer in order for it to recognize my cell phone.  Where is this software available?


Re: Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer

This is because your phn is set to be a modem by default and your computer is trying to find software for that which isn't really available anyway. The user guide has on page 119,

Before You Begin

Here is what you will need to have before you can

successfully establish a connection between your

Samsung Intercept™ and PC.

microSD card (internally installed prior to start)

compatible USB cable (included)


With the microSD card installed, connect your

device to your computer using a compatible USB

cable. (Wait for the connection to be completed.

When connected, the host computer will

automatically detect your device.)


The USB icon ( ) now appears in the top left

Notifications area on your device.


Touch and drag down the Status screen to reveal

the Notifications page (or from the Home screen

press and tap




Tap USB connected > Mount

to copy files between

your computer and your device's microSD card.


Locate the newly created Drive letter on your

computer. (Windows XP - My Computer //

Windows Vista and 7 - Computer )

You can now begin to use the microSD

card as a storage device.

Be sure to use the "Safely remove hardware" icon located near the time (lower right) before unplugging your device.


The internal microSD card MUST BE MOUNTED before your computer detects it and is able to communicate with it.


Re: Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer

Yes, I followed these steps but my problem occurs at the 2nd step because a USB symbol doesn't appear on the phone.

Nothing comes up in the notifications section of the phone.  After connecting USB cable to computer, the phone only shows that it is charging.

To check that the microSD card is mounted, I did the following:

     1.  I checked that the microSD card was inserted in the phone.  And it was.

     2.  Then I went to settings and checked that the status of the microSD card says that it was mounted.  Yes, it was also mounted.

After taking these steps, my computer is still not recognizing my cell phone.  Is there driver software required or is the microSD card not mounted?

Mounting just means that the card is inserted in the phone, right?  And it is on my phone.

Re: Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer

You may also want to check to see if you have USB debugging unchecked.  The way you find this out is to go to home page, menu, settings, applications, development and uncheck USB debugging.  Plug your phone back into PC and see if you get the notification now to use disk drive to mount. If USB debugging is unchecked, then you may need to install the drivers.  You can find these drivers by following this link:

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Re: Sync Samsung Intercept with my computer

Thank you!  That solved my problem.

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