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The Android Update is awesome but...


The Android Update is awesome but...

It deleted my wife's "groups" that she set up in her phonebook.  Groups is no longer an option.  Anyone know how to get those back?  It also deleted the original "notes" app that came on our intercept phones.  She had stuff in those notes that she was obviously keeping and now that is gone.  I also lost all the numbers from my contacts!  I have their names and email addresses, but all the phone numbers have disappeared!  Have these things happened to anyone else?


Re: The Android Update is awesome but...

If your contacts list is empty but you can search your contacts, here is what you need to do to make them show up in your contacts list:

Open contacts, hit your menu button then click "display options".

Under the "Choose contacts to display", there should be an item for your account with an arrow next to it. click that item to expand it and you should see a list of groups. check the boxes next to those groups then click "Done" to return to the contacts list and you should see all your contacts there.

Unfortunately, this does not fix the issue of contacts that were stored on the phone and not in your google account disappearing. It seems that those contacts get deleted when the update occurs.

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