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Very Disappointed in Sprint and Intercept


Very Disappointed in Sprint and Intercept

Since starting with Sprint last year, I have been very disappointed with the service. If I had known how bad the coverage and service was I never would have cancelled my AT&T plan early to switch. They even offered to give me a nice new phone for my husband and myself to stay. The only reason we switched is because Sprint had the unlimited everything plan which appeared to be cheaper, but after the fees and taxes it wound up being 20 dollars more!

I have tried the LG Optimus and the Blackberry Curve and finally the Samsung Intercept since becoming a customer with Sprint. None of them got service in our area. Even with the AIRAVE, we still do not get service.

Most importantly, I wish I had NEVER gotten the Intercept. It worked fine for a month, just long enough for the trial period to end. That's when the problems started.

Here is a list of the defects of this phone:

1. It automatically switches to flight mode and will not come out of it until you turn your phone on and off. But it will return to flight mode the next day.

2. The touch keys on the front freeze.

3. The screen often goes blank at start up and a message pops up saying that it can't load the system and the phone stays blank.

4. Factory reset works for 2 days.

5. The camera doesn't work. When it doesn't automatically close, it takes blank white pictures.

6. The time changes automatically to another time zone and does not switch back. This causes my alarm to not work when I need it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. The phone calls people automatically and will not let me cancel the call.

8. The phone will not let me end a call.

9. Battery dies quickly when using the wifi or making a call.

10. There is no signal with my phone even when I am standing next to my husband who is getting decent signal with the LG Optimus.

I am tired of dealing with this phone, and would like to switch to a phone that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Sprint will not help me, I will cancel my plan and go back to AT&T where they at least appreciated my business.



I apologize for the issues with your Samsung Intercept. I would be equally as frustrated if I went through the same thing. Have you by chance visited a services and repair center to have these issues addressed? If so, what was the outcome? If you would like to make an appoitnemtn and locate a service and repair center, please visit this link.

If you have already been through the service and repair process, and are still dissatisfied with the outcome we do sell refurbished equipment at a reduced cost on our website. Feel free to visit to take a look at the refurbished/pre-owned options.

Feel free to send me a private message should you be in need of further assistance.

Kind Regards,




(Next time you ask me to send a private message to you, leave an email address that isn't no reply.)

If you will kindly notice, none of your refurbished phones received a good review. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE REFURBISHED!!!!!!!!!! I will not replace junk with more junk!!! And that is also the impression we got when we visited the services center right down the road last week. The sales lady (Dana gave me her card) was very nice, but she couldn't help. Your salespeople have no influence over anything that happens with your customers and can only shrug helplessly and smile politely. If they want to replace this Intercept with another Intercept or a lesser phone, they can keep it!

I paid good money to get this phone, and I shouldn't have to pay for another phone when it's your companies sorry lack of service and equipment that are preventing my usage. 

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me! And if not, please let me know, so that I can make further arrangements elsewhere.

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