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Voice dial with Bluetooth


Voice dial with Bluetooth

I have asked this question on a couple of forums, and have not had answer back yet.  I thought voice dial with bluetooth was to be supported with the 2.2 update.  I can't seem to get it to work.  I have tried three different bluetooth ear pieces.  They all pair and work fine.  Except for voice dial.  I find my Interecept very dangerous to dial without this feature.  Especially now that they have introduced all the sliders for answering and hanging up.  At least those two functions work with my bluetooth devices.  Any help ... even if I need a third party app would help.

One last note.  After my update to 2.2, I was getting a lot of restarts.  I discovered that Weather Bug was causing it.  Once I deleted Weather Bug, the phone has worked very well ...... except for the bluetooth dialing.


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