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my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp


Re: my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

That fix worked Great!  Thanks for posting.


Re: my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

i did all of that and STILL i cannot connect to my computer. this is truely a pain my back side and im getting fed up with it. i even tried turning the phone of and powering it back on  and it says device not recognized.


Re: my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

The new update to the samsung cancelled all of those steps.  I know that before the update the bluetooth didn't work with my computer but now it does work so I can transfer files back and forth to my computer thru the bluetooth...i.e. pictures, documents, music etc... I haven't tried using the usb cable but since the update it didn't work for me.  Another thing you could try....the phone should have come with a "big" memory card that you can insert the memory card from your phone into this big card then insert it in your computer via the memory card slot and see if you can transer files back and forth that way.  Hope that helps.


Re: my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

The OS update does seem to have fix most of the problems. When I connect to the computer now a "USB Connected" screen pops up with an action button to "turn on USB storage" to copy/move files to your computer.  After I do that my Windows Explorer (My Computer) page doesn't show the phone connected until I double click the mouse on the computer field on the left side of the screen and the the expanded page shows the phone as a removable disk on the right side of the screen.

I hope this helps.


Re: my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

Rascotello4, hug your son for me!

The short  version:

1 hour on the phone with level 3 Sprint tech support.

2 hours on the phone with level 4 Samsung tech support.

30 minutes with Geek Squad to see if they missed something during my last tune up.

The repeated promise of the android update to cure my problems.

45 minutes each at 2 different Sprint stores.

Today, I got my replpacement phone. Plugged it in, same problem.

Go out on the web again, searching for a cure and stumble here which was somehow missed during my last few Sprint Site searchs.


Now if I can just come up with a way to quickly set up everything again the way I had it before.

Gonna be a long night.


my samsung intercept wont connect to my comp

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