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10/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07


10/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07

Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07

- 911 call restrictions after modem crash related to airplane mode and data

- Proximity sensor and screen lock enhancements

- Sprint Radio black screen

Update your software:
1. The update will automatically download to your phone over the air.
2. A System update screen will prompt you to 'Install now' or 'Install later'.
    If 'Install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to

    install the update
    If 'Install now' is selected, the phone will restart and install the software
3. Your phone will reboot again and the software update will be complete.

Important Notes:
- The new software version is:  S:M900.8.OS.xxxx (see below)
- The new build number is: Eclair:DJ07

- If upgrading OTA (over-the-air), the Baseband version and Build number will

  not match.  (Menu > Settings > About phone).  Below is an example

  of what you will see if you upgraded to DJ07 OTA and you were previously

  on version DI06:

  Baseband version - S:M900.8.OS.DI06

  Build number - ECLAIR. DJ07
- This update will be available through computer download on 11/3. The

  computer download will be available via sprint.com downloads and can

  be accessed at:


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[updated download availability date - red font]

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[updated fixes included - red font]

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This looks like a prompt response after some legal issues were brought up about 911 access with a flawed phone. Could you let us know what else is in store as far as updates go?


I just got the update over the air on my phone.  Afterwards I did a profile and PRL update and made sure it is all up to date. I then did the following:

1. Turned on WIFI

2. Started a random youtube video of at least 3 minutes and switched it to view in HD.  It played this video for the entire 3:32 seconds.

3. Started another youtube video and switched it to view in HD.  After 18 seconds it stopped playing. Went to the main screen and saw that I had only a upload data arrow.  Tried to browse the internet and was not able to. 

4. I attempted to make a call to the house phone.  The house phone rang and I answered it.  The cell phone never showed it as connecting and I could not talk on the phone.  So the data lockup issue still exists.

Later I will go to the local police station and ask them if I can do a test 911 call when my phone is in data lockup to see if it somehow works.  I don't want to do this without permission because if I do try it and I am not able to tell them it is a test call they will probably dispatch officers to my house when they can't call me back because i have to wait 3 or 4 minutes for the phone to reboot.

As for the screen lock and proximity changes I don't see anything different.  But after the update in September the screen lock would usually stop working after 2 days so we will see what happens with that.


I was concerned because the last over the air update kept me in Airplane mode and I couldn't use my bluetooth plus it screwed up my paid version of Launcher Pro.  I just tried calling, youtube in hidef. also, Launcher Pro registration all seems to be working, guess all I can do is hope.

Tony Renier,

Green Bay, WI


The DJ07 firmware update does not fix data lockup or the ability to call and talk to 911. Datalockup still makes it unable to call anyone even 911 most of the time. But every so often while in datalockup u can call a number  even 911 and the phone will never connect but the receiving phone will ring but u cant hear them and they cant hear u. So no this is not a good fixs and still violates FCC regulations. So sprint what r u gonna do now?


Still waiting for this one it must be being pushed in stages.


barker005 wrote:

... So no this is not a good fixs and still violates FCC regulations....

I tried to find what FCC regulation you think is violated here.  The only regulation I could find regarding cell phone access to 911 service applies only to analog (or analog-capable) phones, and requires the phone to recognize when a 911 call is made and, if necessary, allow it to go through other analog carriers in the area.  I don't see any requirement, as some have claimed, that a cell phone must be able to make a 911 call at any and all times, whether or not experiencing a technical problem.  Do you have a link to a more modern, and on point, regulation?

§  22.921   911 call processing procedures; 911-only calling mode.

   Mobile telephones manufactured after February 13, 2000 that are capable
   of operating in the analog mode described in the standard document ANSI
   TIA/EIA-553-A-1999 Mobile Station--Base Station Compatibility Standard
   (approved October 14, 1999--available for purchase from Global
   Engineering Documents, 15 Inverness East, Englewood, CO 80112), must
   incorporate a special procedure for processing 911 calls. Such
   procedure must recognize when a 911 call is made and, at such time,
   must override any programming in the mobile unit that determines the
   handling of a non-911 call and permit the call to be transmitted
   through the analog systems of other carriers. This special procedure
   must incorporate one or more of the 911 call system selection processes
   endorsed or approved by the FCC.

   [ 67 FR 77192 , Dec. 17, 2002]

wasbakntyme, while it doesn't seem to be as official of a regulation as you've found, it is perhaps a bit more technologically current/relevant. (Analog phones?  Weren't those phased out before cathode-ray tube monitors?)  Taken straight from the FCC's website:

Basic 911 Rules require wireless service providers to:

  • transmit all 911 calls to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the provider’s service or not.

And then just a little further down:

If you have a problem completing a 911 call from your wireless phone, first try to resolve the problem with your service provider. If you can’t resolve it directly, or if you think your wireless service provider is not complying with FCC wireless 911 requirements, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

I think it's safe to say that enough of us have attempted to resolve the problem with our service provider, and some have started going the route of filing complaints with the FCC, as it clearly states to do if unable to be resolved directly.


Incase u did not understand what u posted i will explain it and u did not post the whole regulations for 911. What u posted basically says that when u make a 911 call that if u are out of range of your carrier the 911 call will be unobstructed by software or any other means and will use another carrier. So say there is no sprint signal but verizon is in range it will force roam and use verizon. Guess what when your in data lockup this function does not work so this is violation of fcc regulations. Also i will have to look it up again but there is another regulation stating all functional cell phones produced after such date are required to be able to call 911 no matter the state of activation or carrier. My wording is a little off but yes there is a regulation i have called the fcc and they have confirmed this. Sprint/samsung is releasing DJ07 to try and get the FCC off their backs. Even though DJ07 does not fix anything it still is away for sprint/samsung to try and say they are working/fixing the prob.

Edit: thanks comp thats part of what i was looking for

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barker005 wrote:

Incase u did not understand what u posted...

Thank you, but I understand what I posted.  As I said, it is the only FCC regulation that I could find regarding the requirements for a cell phone to be able to call 911.  I requested a reference to any FCC regulation; not an explanation, not an assumption, not an anecdote, but a regulation; that could be reasonably interpreted to require a digital cell phone that is, for whatever reason, not in viable communication with any cell phone tower to still be able to dial 911.


I got the update. I didn't fix anything. Thanks for wasting my time. But at least it is more proof that you are aware of the problems when people complain.


Everyone should follow wasbakntyme's advice.

It is time for ALL of us with problems on this phone to take corrective measures ourselves by complaining to the FCC. This is easy, and only takes between 2 and 5 minutes (depends on how fast you read and type).

Go here: https://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

File a complaint about not being able to make 911 calls due to the data lockup issue, and explain that Sprint and Samsung know about this issue. Include a link to these forums showing that this is a well-known problem (http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/phones-and-devices/android_phones/moment).

The ability to make 911 calls from a wireless phone is required by the FCC, wether or not the phone even has paid services. This is a law that went into effect on Februaury 13, 2000 (See: http://louise.hallikainen.org/FCC/FccRules/2010/22/921/). When a data lockup occurs any call (including 911) is impossible. Because of this law we should be able to force Sprint/Samsung to finally fix or replace these phones (I honestly believe at this point that fixing it is not possible), all we need is MANY people to complain. Flood the FCC with complaints people, let's get this done!

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