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10/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07


10/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07

Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DJ07

- 911 call restrictions after modem crash related to airplane mode and data

- Proximity sensor and screen lock enhancements

- Sprint Radio black screen

Update your software:
1. The update will automatically download to your phone over the air.
2. A System update screen will prompt you to 'Install now' or 'Install later'.
    If 'Install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to

    install the update
    If 'Install now' is selected, the phone will restart and install the software
3. Your phone will reboot again and the software update will be complete.

Important Notes:
- The new software version is:  S:M900.8.OS.xxxx (see below)
- The new build number is: Eclair:DJ07

- If upgrading OTA (over-the-air), the Baseband version and Build number will

  not match.  (Menu > Settings > About phone).  Below is an example

  of what you will see if you upgraded to DJ07 OTA and you were previously

  on version DI06:

  Baseband version - S:M900.8.OS.DI06

  Build number - ECLAIR. DJ07
- This update will be available through computer download on 11/3. The

  computer download will be available via sprint.com downloads and can

  be accessed at:


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[updated download availability date - red font]

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[updated fixes included - red font]

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Well all update are sent to sprint from samsung !Really it out of sprint hands from the most part.Few have been lucky to upgrade early or take a down grade!Very few got offer to goto a new phone such as the transform.Seem to me it more based on where you live and who you talk to.Really sprint is not gone take a big lost to replace this phone do to it old and out dated.You can read about other phones and there problem with them to some I'm not sure is any better then the moment.Sprint is not gone to recall this phone and really they don't read these forums like you think they would!We all know it wrong but every comany dose this I got sick of verizon high price and crapy phone.Really it would take allot of people to close there accounts for them to look at trying make this issue right.So sit on this forum and voice your self is more of a waste of time  your better call sprint and argue with them or close your account and go else where!


Not good.  Figured I was clear of all the troubles, decided to leave WiFi on overnight and today.  After reading through some emails from Sprint forums on my desktop, checked my phone and saw the "x", checked the power button, "Airplane Mode On", tried to disable it, radio still broke.  Let it sit for 2 minutes, no change.  Had to reboot. DI06/DJ07.



The Baseband version needs to say DJ07.  If you are running DI06 with the DJ07 updated over the air, then your phone will still lock up.  The phone needs to be fully updated with the DJ07 firmware, which means flashing your phone either at home or at the Sprint Store.


That's interesting, because the original announcement said they wouldn't be updating both this time.  Not only that, but mine has worked nearly flawlessly since the OTA release, with WiFi, YouTube HD uploads, GPS, etc, not giving me any problems.  Heck, my battery is even still at 90% eleven hours after coming off the charger, and that's now normal.  I don't think I'll update the Baseband version on mine - it might stop working so well!


Bottom line is the Samsung Moment has been scrapped, bye bye gone, If anybody has noticed it is not even listed on their phone lineup sooooo of course Customer Support will not take any responsibility for deceiving us Moment user's, hence forth thusly either forcing a million customers to leave them behind, I suppose they are all independantly wealthy treating us with no respect...looks like there will be no Christmas bonuses this year, sorry for the customer service reps who make $8.50 an hour being forced to deal with angry customers due to Sprint's lack of Professionalism, Don't worry the CEO's will get theirs...sorry guys


I don't think there ever was a million Moment devices sold.  If there were, whenever there was a bug or issue, Sprint would have to leap up to fix their issues.  In fact, this may have been their worst selling Android device, but it's not Samsung's fault.  The Moment has had all of ... 1 (one) commercial and that's it!

I wouldn't expect any kind of fervor over this phone being scrapped at all.  Even if all of us joined in, at it's best it's a mild perturbance.  Now if there's a problem with Evo, best believe an engineer per week out in the Cold Winter will be cast out the front door like a hopeless orphan until the problem is resolved.

With Samsung, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a handful of people, or managed by another unrelated team who covers HTC Snap, meh, let's make it all remaining WinMo phones, but also Palm Pre, the HTC Hero and the Samsung Instinct as well on Customer Service as it's handed around the call center like it's the mushpot deployment.  Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Ed Harris reprising his role as Kristof from The Truman Show.  "Do you think they know no one is reading this part of the boards?"  (Exceptions include Wengla, HalcyonCommander, and other few Sprint employees who do far more on these boards than they should, of course.)


Ok, I need help.  This is what my phone was showing as the current version:

Baseband:  S.M900.8.OS.DE03

Eclair: DJ07

I just tapped on "Update Firmware" and it said there was an update to S.M900-8.OS.DI06, tap to install.  So....I did.  Now my phone has been sitting on black screen that said ARM9 FOTA Updating..... for almost 40 minutes now.

Is my phone @#$%'ed up now?  Will I lose all my data?

Any advice would be great.


Samsung Moment user since March 2010


There is another update issued by Google that goes with the OTA update for DJ07, you can try to reflash device from home and update again - or take it into a Sprint store for a OTW update so both the baseband version ends in dj07 as well as the build #.

Sprint Employee


After having the NEED! to make an emergency call this last week, and not bein able to because of the well known issue of the moment (Data lock up) i well deserve a free phone! without wasting my upgrade disccount!  this isnt fair at all.. I dont want a downgrade phone first of all, i want  a FREE EVO OR A FREE EPIC,.. i deserve it after 3 replacement phones (Samsun moments) after paying for a plan that it is not 69.99 (they should make it clear in their commercials) and plus after wasting hours on the phone trying to resolve an issue that will not be fix at all! with updates that do not work.. Im filing FCC complaints it doesnt matter how much time i waste but i gotta get this fixed


After dealing with this issue and starting to document it... I actually ended up with 6 different moment's... all with the same issue... I was moved over to the Intercept... don't get one of those if you can avoid it.  After a weekend of that I was moved to a Hero...which has it's own challenges (bluetooth isn't quite right), but at least seems to make phone call's consistently.

While I've documented enough issues to have an early upgrade, at this point I'm going to wait until my wife's phone can be upgraded and will upgrade both at the same time...

Though I'm uncertain that Sprint will remain my carrier at that time - after wading through the fiasco with phones... (the Android adventure was post dealing with issues with the headphone jack on a palm pre...     


Something tells me from the distance from prior Maintenance Releases that DJ07 is the finale for the Samsung Moment.

(In this case, I want this post to be counted as an act of hubris.  Please prove me wrong.)


A free HTC EVO or Epic is not an equivalent phone and you are not going to get that from Sprint.  You'll get a similar phone with similar value like a Hero or an Intercept (go for the Hero).  I would also recommend taking a look at the available Blackberry Tours online, refurbished for 79.99.  They work really well, actually. . .

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