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3rd Party Chargers - Compatible with what phones?


3rd Party Chargers - Compatible with what phones?

I purchased 2 sets of "3rd party" chargers that use MicroUSB ports.  They were for the wall outlet and also for the car.  The connector fits.  They were sold as "Compatible with Samsung Moment" and on the actual chargers, they say "Motorola V8/V9", but they don't work.

Anyone have any clues what other MicroUSB-based phone chargers work with the Samsung Moment?  The ones for the Motorola V8/V9 do not seem to work with the Moment.



Re: 3rd Party Chargers - Compatible with what phones?

They should have worked. Any micro USB charger or computer cord will work with the Moment. No need to spend boatloads of money on "Official" ones. However, does the official charger that came with the phone still work? Maybe there is something wrong with the micro usb port on your phone? I used my old mirco usb charger from my Motorola Renagade V950 and it worked perfectly with my Moment. It even charged it faster then the official one.


Re: 3rd Party Chargers - Compatible with what phones?

I had purchased 2 home/outlet charges, and 1 car charger.  They all said Motorola V8/V9 on them.

My wife and I each have Samsung Moments... and none of them work... on either phone..

They are all MicroUSB (they fit fine on the Moments).  And the official ones we got work fine...

Re: 3rd Party Chargers - Compatible with what phones?

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