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9/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DI06


9/22 - Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DI06

Samsung Moment Maintenance Release - DI06

- Airplane Mode issue
- Skyfire browser power cycle issue
- Adds Select All option to Bulk Bluetooth contact push

Update your software:
1. The software will be automatically downloaded to your phone since this is a recommended update.

2. A System update screen will prompt the user to 'Install now' or 'Install later'.

    If 'Install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update.

    If 'Install now' is selected, the phone will power down and then reboot.

Important Notes:
- This update will take approximately 7-8 minutes to download and 7-8 minutes to install.
- The new software version is:  S:M900.8.OS.DI06

- This  update is available OTA (over the air) only and will be pushed to your  device.  It is being pushed in stages so not everyone will receive it  the first   day.

- Your device must be on software version DE03 to perform the update to DI06.  UPDATE: If you are still on CJ05 or CL14, you will need to update using the customer facing upgrade tool that will be posted on or Samsung's website.

Update: This update will be available via downloads on 10/6 and can be accessed at

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Well it has been relatively quiet here lately.

I have not had ANY problems with data lockup, disappearing slide to lock, or general phone lockups since the OTA update to the build ECLAIR.DJ07 a number of weeks ago.


So has Sprint FINALLY fixed this??   Anyone still having problems after DJ07?

VERY curious.



To all the wonderful folks here in the Moment sections

Alas... I am NO LONGER the owner of my Moment.   Sold it on Ebay today in less than 3 hours!!!!   $135.   Should have made the price $185. 

Did my upgrade today, and with selling the Moment, getting a $70 monthly service credit from Sprint customer satisfaction, I got a brand new Epic for about $75, after figuring the Ebay shipping USPS.

Very cool phone.   Goodbye Moment.   Hello Epic!!

Guess I'll have to say:   See ya folks over in the Epic forums sometime ???



Hm.  "Alas" you no longer have a Moment?

Honestly, I'm just amazed that you got another Samsung product.  I know after this experience, I am not buying any more products from Samsung.  This phone was really beta quality when I got it. (hint to Samsung -- selling me this phone before it was ready for prime time meant that when I needed a new fridge this year, I bought a Whirlpool instead of a Samsung...)

If I buy another Sprint Smartphone, it'll be from a different manufacturer!


Yes, I caved in and purchased yet another Samsung product and am wondering what that really says about my faith in the system.   I truly believe that Samsung's response to all the Moment issues was inadequate and they will never admit to an issue.   Since the Moment was pretty much just a Sprint phone from what I can see, I'm going to call it a Beta failure in preparation for the Epic as mentioned above.   Almost identical hardware except for the display.   I am not forgiving Samsung and Sprint for their errors, but merely moving on since there is no solution they are going to provide.   They fixed everything on my Moment except for the WiFi issue, so it was pretty pain free the last few months.  I just never used the WiFi that much....

Did the Epic get all the fixes?   I watched the Epic forums here for 2 months and no issues like the Moment...   I have a nephew that purchased the Epic the day after it was released and he put the thing through all the paces where the Moment failed.    My youngest son purchased the Tmobile Galaxy S without the keyboard, and no problems.   So I decided to ditch the Moment, spend a few dollars, and back away from the problem and get a phone that I liked even more than the Moment.

So far the Epic is flawless, I have all my old apps on it, and it just keeps ticking.

The selling points to jump to the Epic were the much larger fonts, clearer display, and future 2.2 capatibility.   My eyes are not what they used to be and the larger display and fonts and screen clarity allow me to use the phone without my glasses.   So I was motivated for those reasons as well.

And I was fortunate to be eligible to upgrade with my Premier account,  and sell my Moment on Ebay.   I had to cough up a few more $$ yet again for the Epic, but I consider that a payment to obtain some sanity.   It was offset by a $75 Sprint credit on my account for my pain and agony, and the $135 sale of my Moment on Ebay, so it was not a complete loss.

I am happy at this time, and hope to just look back and call it all a bad experience.   Giving Sprint and Samsung one more chance.   I have been with Sprint for 12 years and have no other complaints, and have had 3 phones lines with all that time, and probably 15 different phones.   The Moment was singularly the only one I ever had any issue with.   My wife and son have Blackberry Curves and will not trade them for anything.   So I get all the upgrades for now.

Guess I will see how wise and cost effective this decision was.   I'm not pulling my hair out today, and that is a big plus.   It cost me a little, but for me it was an investment in sanity and hopefully future peace and quiet just using my phone and not complaining about it.

Everyone here is in a little different situation with their accounts, renewals, upgrades etc.  I just threw some money at it to be done with it.  Hopefully I am.   Android phones are the future right now, so I'm just doing what I always seem to do, buy in early and get benefit the majority of the time, and suffer through a few pains that new technology always has.  


No, Sprint / Samsung has not finally fixed things with this last update, though it is better than how things were a few months ago.  I was excited about the last update, thinking it will fix the buzz, buzz, buzz of the vibrator when I'm on a call (due to proximity sensor issue?), but even that issue still remains (though it seems to happen less).

I really find this phone annoying and it confounds me that it had a 4+/5 rating when I purchased it this summer.

On the most important function of the phone, answering and making calls, I still find this thing freezes for seconds at times, and I have had to remove the battery 2-3 times a couple of times since this last update.

Did I mention how annoying it feels when my phone acts up?  Makes me really want to ditch Sprint and get an iPhone.


I am currently in the process of getting this update over the air.  I was running DE03 and I manually did an "Update Firmware" on my phone.   Tapped on "Update Firmware" and it said there was an update to S.M900.8.OS.DI06 available.  So, I tapped to install this update.  My phone seems to be frozen now.  I see that it says it should take 7 - 10 minutes to download and another 7-10 minutes to install, but my phone has been sitting on this black screen that says ARM9 FOTA Updating... for almost 35 minutes now.  Am I @#$%ed now because it seems to be frozen?  Help, How do I fix this with out losing all my data?

I also see that after this DI06 update there is another one that takes it to DJ07.  If this one ends up working will I have the same problems trying to update to DJ07?

Any advice or help would be great.


Samsung Moment user since March 2010

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