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Airplane mode enabled randomly - Still in ALL releases - aka CDMA lockup, Stuck Up Arrow. There is no 100% effective solution for everyone. Phones have a defect that prevents making and receiving calls without warning. Reboot recovers it.

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Airplane mode enabled randomly - Still in ALL releases - aka CDMA lockup, Stuck Up Arrow. There is no 100% effective solution for everyone. Phones have a defect that prevents making and receiving calls without warning. Reboot recovers it.

Final Update 6DEC10 - switching to Verizon

I have seen that this problem still exists with both of my Moments on the latest software (installed as instructed at the update site). I believe that this problem has not been taken seriously by Sprint or Samsung. 

My experience with the current software shows that they are trying to recover from this bad radio state rather than fix it, as evidenced by an unusable radio for up to 10 minutes.  Their software recovery method does not always work, even after an hour of leaving the phone to manage itself.  A reboot has all but one time fixed it (with the latest software). The one time it didn't work I had to reboot twice. Toggling Wifi can still make this happen. 

Whatever the reason (hardware or software), Sprint hasn't handled this problem well. Samsung apparently thought this design problem was acceptable. Given the plethora of Samsung device problems I've heard about for their other phones, I think Samsung has some growth opportunities in the realm of Android phone design, and I am steering clear of them for a while. 

I have decided to solve this problem by taking my business to Verizon, after 12 years with Sprint.  I will be paying cancellation fees for my contracts and paying for new phones in order to have phone service that meets my expectations (phones that make phone calls!).  Up until May of this year I always told people that Sprint has good service (coverage, customer, support) as long as you don't change anything, i.e. it was worth the money. 

Unfortunately, I can no longer say that.  I won't recommend Sprint anymore. Their policies to retain customers appear to have shifted some time in 2009, and this is actually the second time their device replacement constraints have negatively affected me.  It's a different company from my perspective.

Verizon Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro - first week - faster data, (obviously) faster phones, Android 2.2, can use WiFi anytime I want.  Finally.

Good luck to all. Hopefully your continuing experience will be better than mine.

7NOV09 - Posts alerting Sprint to this problem
26JAN10 - Sprint continues investigation, CL14 has (unadvertised) fix (chipset problem)
11AUG10 - Sprint unofficially says Sprint and Samsung is working in the lab to solve it, mentions that customers are critical to Sprint creating a better product

Past info from this thread:

Day 2, noticed that the top bar area is showing an X in the signal bars, and the radio is off (phone info shows this).  Airplane mode is also periodically marked as enabled, turning it off worked one or two times to re-enable the radio, so I could make phone calls.  Usually it does not.  Power cycling the phone worked twice, but now it's not working at all.  Phone isn't able to make phone calls or do data.

When trying to make a call, it says "To place a call, first turn off Airplane mode.".  Going to Settings - Wireless Controls - Airplane mode is not selected (no green arrow). Holding the power button down shows "Airplane mode is OFF".

Service state in Settings - About  Phone - Status - Service state - shows "Radio off".

Some others on other forums have run into this as well.  Anyone know of a way to resolve this (besides get a new phone)?

Updating the top of this thread 2SEP10 to make it more obvious (like it needs that) -

So it's been 9 months since I highlighted this problem (which to be fair, the above issue started as a normal airplane mode problem but ended up killing the hardware completely).  I am now on my 7th Moment (9 total for my family) and they have ALL had this airplane mode problem at least once. My latest phone locked up within an hour of getting it from the store.

In order to bypass the "third party app" generic excuse, when I'm ready to try my luck again, I factory reset my phone, just toggle WiFi, then move around on Google Maps (use data).  Every unit locks up, usually within an hour.  Then I show up at the store with my phone locked up, loaded exactly the way they gave it to me, and the salesman and I both act shocked that my phone is locked up. Given that I've had so many of these replaced, they're giving me new units as replacements. Appbrain is your friend.

I too have been threatened with a device downgrade (Hero or Intercept) as a reward for paying $500 for two defective phones.  It appears that there's no benefit to Sprint to take 4G phones away from people that want to pay for them, as I've called Sprint (normal and retention) and talked to retail salespeople (manager and assistant) and they have assured me that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to give me a phone that is as good or better than the Moment. Apparently "a 4G phone is too big of a step up" compared to the trouble that I'm having....

Since these replacements are being handled by the manufacturer's warranty, and that's up in another 3 months (for me), I've got a small window to make some decisions.  A friend told me that the cost of Verizon's plans are now about par with Sprint's.  If I'm going to have to pay for a replacement phone, I might as well try another CDMA carrier after 12 years with Sprint.

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Just a quick update.   The correct functionality of the unlock swipe bar returned after I rebooted the phone.    So something in the upgrade got it disabled.

I am now thinking I liked not having the swipe to unlock bar.   Liked it a lot.


Two things:

1.  My wife and I both have Samsung Moments.  She gets hung in pseudo-airplane mode even though she NEVER has used wi-fi in her entire use of the phone. I get hung in pseudo-airplane mode as well, but less often. My point is that many people think that the pseudo-airplane mode is tied to the use of wi-fi, and it isn't.  Wi-fi use may be more likely to expose the problem but it is not necessary. You can get a pseudo-airplane mode hang up even if you have never turned on wi-fi since you powered up. (I have used wi-fi on her phone, but not for months.)

2.  I originally could not download the new update.  Last night, the phone finally admitted that the new update existed. I wanted to install the update because the phone is unlikely to hang with a data problem unless I am using data, say, downloading an audible book, and Ill notice and power cycle, but when it hangs in airplane mode, I miss calls (and can't make emergency calls, as others have noted) so I consider that the more severe problem.  Thus, I was interested in this fix.

I happened to be at home, where my service is via an Airave Access Point.The phone had a good charge on it, so I told it to look for the update.  It stayed stuck in updating mode for a couple hours, with the backlight on and a message up that it was in the middle of updating. I finally decided to let it sit overnight and put it on charge. When I woke in the morning, it had a message that the phone was completely charged.  I thought that it had updated overnight -- but it had not.  I touched the red button, and it went back to the updating message screen, and then finally completed the updating process. I had tried pushing various buttons the night before to no avail.  Maybe the full charge freed something up, I don't know.  I doubt it just happened to finish as I picked the phone up in the morning, it might have finished sometime overnight and showed me an old screen and then changed to the current screen. 

Had I been more impatient, I might have hung the process, pulled the battery, and had to reset the phone, or whatever, and lost all my apps.  But because I had an overnight to wait, I didn't have to reset the phone, and I still have all my apps.

I have no idea whether the airplane mode issue is fixed.  It only occasionally hung up on me in airplane mode, and I could never find a sequence of events that would cause the problem, but it was worse when I used wi-fi and drove away from home.  I did turn on wi-fi and mowed in my yard, which would have moved me in and out of the range of the wi-fi and the AAP.  Sometimes I get roaming coverage in my yard, sometimes I don't.  Everything still worked when I got back home.

The phone is still working, and now shows DI06 in the baseband version, while my wife's shows the old version (one of her phones failed, she got a new one at the Sprint Store and got it upgraded to the last version while she was there.

Good luck to everyone and I hope that the fix makes your phone more reliable.


There are 4 updates I can check for, I have checked for them all.  I already told my story.  I have firmware 2.1-update1, baseband DI06, kernel 2.6.29, build ECLAIR.DE03, hardware M900.8.0.

So it looks like I am half updated, and that at some point my phone will check for the build and download build DI06? How odd.  I wish this update process was more transparent - that sprint would explain it to us better.


Her's the letter I sent to Sprint Executive Services this morning in regards to the BBB complaint they've gone silent on:

Dear Ms. Sanchez,

This morning I received the DI06 update which  was announced on the Sprint customer forums to "Fix Airplane Mode  issue".  I went to bed (I work nights) listening to Pandora Internet  Radio secure in the knowledge that my lockup issues were far behind me,  as Sprint had FINALLY taken its customers seriously and acknowledged and  addressed the problem.  Unfortunately, my trust was misplaced, as I  realized when I woke up to a jarring thud.  I immediately sprung from my  bed to investigate, and found that my hypoglycemic, diabetic wife had  collapsed to the floor with low blood sugar.  As she lay there  unconscious, I ran for my phone to call 911.  I was met with the  horrifying realization that my music was no longer playing.  It had  happened again!  Despite the promises that Sprint had dealt with this  issue, my phone was locked up and utterly unusable.  I was forced to  reboot my phone and wait nearly 5 minutes for it to return to a usable  state.  Meanwhile my wife's blood sugar continued to drop to even more  dangerous levels.  Every single minute was precious, and YOUR PHONE was  costing me minutes that could be the difference between life and death.   My wife is now in the hospital in a diabetic coma, and we don't know  how extensive the damage is.  Your unwillingness to deal with this issue  in a proper and professional manner may cost my wife her life.  Since  you were personally assigned my case, I personally hold YOU  responsible.  You are the face of Sprint to me, Ms. Sanchez.  I hope  you're proud of the money you saved your company and how you wore me  down for weeks and months, causing me to give up hope that Sprint would  EVER do right by me.  I hope you sleep soundly tonight, Ms. Sanchez.

Luckily  for you, the situation above is hypothetical as of this time  However,  it's a very real possibility that such a scenario could pan out given  Sprint's negligence in this matter, and the thousands of others  affected.  It's also not the only scenario that could play out VERY  badly for Sprint (my wife unable to reach me as she sits in a broken  down car in 105-degree heat comes to mind as well).  I need to ask if  Sprint is prepared to risk a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the event  that such a scenario plays out for one of the thousands of Moment owners  experiencing this widespread and deeply disruptive issue.  I need to  ask if you, personally, are prepared to have something like that weigh  on your conscience.

If not, I strongly suggest you bite,  scratch, and claw your way to to the top of the food chain over at that  soulless pit you call a workplace, and you FIND someone who is both  willing to listen and able to authorize a REAL fix (i.e. a hardware  replacement with a WORKING model), since clearly no one of that criteria  is available to the thousands of paying customers who have suffered  this issue without relief for the last year.  Ask yourself if you can  truly go to sleep at night proud of the work you do, putting people at  risk, and deferring loyal customers who want nothing more than a device  that is not fundamentally and dangerously flawed.

Thanks for your time,



For the record, I've had two lockups since the update this morning, and it's not even 2pm here.  Good going, Sprint.


i had no idea this was this bad and they know i am on my 3 one and it locks up about  times a week seams to do it most after a charge at night and when i unplug it and on my way to work i will try to make a call and i have to reboot. i will be calling about this the fix is on my phone but it did it a few days ago so i will wait to call for it to do it now i know they say they have fixed it like others have said no faith


gmassie55 wrote:

BUT..... now the screen lock does not function the same.

WEIRD, but now when I press the red 'END' or 'LOCK' button the screen blanks as always, but hitting the red 'END' or 'LOCK' button again brings the screen right back, i.e. there is no screen lock 'bar'  that you have to swipe to unlock the screen.


Hey Gmassie55 -

Mine did the same thing, I had to disable and re-enable the screen lock for it to go back and start working as normal...

Hope that helps,


Periodic undesired reboots now seen with full DI06 (manual update and OTA update).  Radio lockup seen with the manual update. Given that this is the first OTA update that Sprint has tried with this phone, it's not unexpected that it isn't working perfectly. Given that it's been 10 months since Sprint knew about this problem, it's very disappointing.


It seems I'm getting under Sprint's skin a bit, as this is the second of my posts they've removed.  That's ok.  Let me recap the last one for posterity:

Dear <gutless Sprint Executive Services peon>

My wife could could lapse into a diabetic coma, and have to wait a good 5 minutes before I could call 911 while this POS reboots.  OR my wife could be stranded on the side of the road in this 105 degree heat wave, and unable to reach me.  Either of these things are very very bad, and I hope you can live with yourself.   If not, I suggest you DO something about this, rather than continuing to toe the company line.


Angry Sprint Customer

P.S.  Note to Sprint mods: If you had a problem with me posting the last name of one your employees here, that's fine.  You can expect to find names, phone numbers, and email addresses all over every other android forum I can find (and trust me, there are plenty discussing this issue).

Why don't you all grow up and stop hiding from your customers and MAKE THIS RIGHT?


OK, the next day, I got the last update OTA. It installed quickly..again, while I was using my AAP.  The next day, my wife got her update, even though she had not done the manual part.  Since then, I have left wi-fi on for a while, driving in and out of wi-fi range, in and out of sprint service, in and out of roaming.  No hangups, no power cycles needed.

My wife, who gets occasional hangs in pseudo airplane mode even though she never uses wi-fi or VPN, has noted that she has not seen a hang since she got the OTA update, and we listened to some TED talks on her phone, which are quite data intensive.

For me, this has been an improvement, so far.  I've even played with ptpp.


Kinda sucks, but I guess thats how sprint wants to do business...



If you're going to be belligerent online, I suggest you stick to normal English.

"Toe the line" means "push boundaries" -- do you really think that Sprint employees should not be pushing company boundaries? Because that is what your post is saying.

Sounding like you do in an online forum does not really help your personal situation, because you sound like you fit the "irate customer A1" mold. All cell phone companies have outages; all manufacturers ship duds; and it's *our fault* as consumers, because we want the cheapest possible price at the expense of all else. A cell phone is not a replacement for a landline. You are not guaranteed to always have coverage, so relying on cheap commercial cell phone coverage for something that may require 24/7 availability is not a good idea, no matter whether the device is flaky or not.

If you want a less flaky device, there are many devices to choose from. It seems you'd rather stick with the flaky device and complain online than take a non-flaky device as replacement, so you can't be all that concerned about your wife, now can you? I mean, if the slide-out keyboard and OLED screen is more important than her well-being? You could also chuck the Moment and buy an EVO or Incredible outright for a few hundred dollars -- but your wife's well-being isn't worth that much?

I think Sprint's handling of the Moment problems follow a fairly typical arc for a mid-size problem in a large organization: First, they deny there's anything wrong. Then, they are confused about it, giving all kinds of different explanations depending on who you ask. Then, they promise that they're working on a fix, but it's not available. What they should do is treat this as a sample of how a big organization fails to serve the customer, and fix the obvious communications and management breakdown all the way through the chain, so it doesn't happen again. Chances are they won't, though -- Sprint is big enough that most management structures have fossilized and each fiefdom is probably bitterly protected at the expense of overall excellence.

That being said, I'm quite disappointed with the Moment and the handling of it. I was told I should go to a service center to get the update. However, after I drove to the service center on Saturday, and after waiting in line, I was told that they did not yet actually have the fix available.

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