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Airplane mode enabled randomly - Still in ALL releases - aka CDMA lockup, Stuck Up Arrow. There is no 100% effective solution for everyone. Phones have a defect that prevents making and receiving calls without warning. Reboot recovers it.

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Airplane mode enabled randomly - Still in ALL releases - aka CDMA lockup, Stuck Up Arrow. There is no 100% effective solution for everyone. Phones have a defect that prevents making and receiving calls without warning. Reboot recovers it.

Final Update 6DEC10 - switching to Verizon

I have seen that this problem still exists with both of my Moments on the latest software (installed as instructed at the update site). I believe that this problem has not been taken seriously by Sprint or Samsung. 

My experience with the current software shows that they are trying to recover from this bad radio state rather than fix it, as evidenced by an unusable radio for up to 10 minutes.  Their software recovery method does not always work, even after an hour of leaving the phone to manage itself.  A reboot has all but one time fixed it (with the latest software). The one time it didn't work I had to reboot twice. Toggling Wifi can still make this happen. 

Whatever the reason (hardware or software), Sprint hasn't handled this problem well. Samsung apparently thought this design problem was acceptable. Given the plethora of Samsung device problems I've heard about for their other phones, I think Samsung has some growth opportunities in the realm of Android phone design, and I am steering clear of them for a while. 

I have decided to solve this problem by taking my business to Verizon, after 12 years with Sprint.  I will be paying cancellation fees for my contracts and paying for new phones in order to have phone service that meets my expectations (phones that make phone calls!).  Up until May of this year I always told people that Sprint has good service (coverage, customer, support) as long as you don't change anything, i.e. it was worth the money. 

Unfortunately, I can no longer say that.  I won't recommend Sprint anymore. Their policies to retain customers appear to have shifted some time in 2009, and this is actually the second time their device replacement constraints have negatively affected me.  It's a different company from my perspective.

Verizon Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro - first week - faster data, (obviously) faster phones, Android 2.2, can use WiFi anytime I want.  Finally.

Good luck to all. Hopefully your continuing experience will be better than mine.

7NOV09 - Posts alerting Sprint to this problem
26JAN10 - Sprint continues investigation, CL14 has (unadvertised) fix (chipset problem)
11AUG10 - Sprint unofficially says Sprint and Samsung is working in the lab to solve it, mentions that customers are critical to Sprint creating a better product

Past info from this thread:

Day 2, noticed that the top bar area is showing an X in the signal bars, and the radio is off (phone info shows this).  Airplane mode is also periodically marked as enabled, turning it off worked one or two times to re-enable the radio, so I could make phone calls.  Usually it does not.  Power cycling the phone worked twice, but now it's not working at all.  Phone isn't able to make phone calls or do data.

When trying to make a call, it says "To place a call, first turn off Airplane mode.".  Going to Settings - Wireless Controls - Airplane mode is not selected (no green arrow). Holding the power button down shows "Airplane mode is OFF".

Service state in Settings - About  Phone - Status - Service state - shows "Radio off".

Some others on other forums have run into this as well.  Anyone know of a way to resolve this (besides get a new phone)?

Updating the top of this thread 2SEP10 to make it more obvious (like it needs that) -

So it's been 9 months since I highlighted this problem (which to be fair, the above issue started as a normal airplane mode problem but ended up killing the hardware completely).  I am now on my 7th Moment (9 total for my family) and they have ALL had this airplane mode problem at least once. My latest phone locked up within an hour of getting it from the store.

In order to bypass the "third party app" generic excuse, when I'm ready to try my luck again, I factory reset my phone, just toggle WiFi, then move around on Google Maps (use data).  Every unit locks up, usually within an hour.  Then I show up at the store with my phone locked up, loaded exactly the way they gave it to me, and the salesman and I both act shocked that my phone is locked up. Given that I've had so many of these replaced, they're giving me new units as replacements. Appbrain is your friend.

I too have been threatened with a device downgrade (Hero or Intercept) as a reward for paying $500 for two defective phones.  It appears that there's no benefit to Sprint to take 4G phones away from people that want to pay for them, as I've called Sprint (normal and retention) and talked to retail salespeople (manager and assistant) and they have assured me that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to give me a phone that is as good or better than the Moment. Apparently "a 4G phone is too big of a step up" compared to the trouble that I'm having....

Since these replacements are being handled by the manufacturer's warranty, and that's up in another 3 months (for me), I've got a small window to make some decisions.  A friend told me that the cost of Verizon's plans are now about par with Sprint's.  If I'm going to have to pay for a replacement phone, I might as well try another CDMA carrier after 12 years with Sprint.

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PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, just give up!  Unless someone is actually going to take legal action, it is pointless to complain. I haven't even tried because I see all the hassle that you all have gone through to NO avail. I am just going to wait out the remainder of my contract and then I will be rid of these phones.


AGREE!! The Moment SUCKS!!!  My phone goes into "airplane mode" daily and sometimes 2 and 3 times a day w/o warning!!!  I've missed so many calls, work and personal.  I want to throw it out the window!!  I'd love to be a part of a class action suit again Samsung!!


Why are people still complaining about this phone?

This phone is not even being made anymore. Sprint actually has a free trade in program that started july 30 2010 for this phone to either get a hero or intercept. Some people have even been able to get a transform, lg optimus or credit towards an evo/epic and pay almost nothing.

So u people do have options u just want a reason to complain.

One tip regular customer service is not authorized to do the free trade in so u need to get a hold of executive services or advanced tech support. Also u do not need to have insurance to do the free trade in just have atleast a few trips to sprint store and or replacments on your account. O almost forgot the biggest thing, the trade in will not extend your contract either.

So i guess u guys should stop complaining to, or on the sprint forum cuz they have been doing the right thing. Y not hit up sammy and raise h e l l to them they are obviously the ones who did not want to do a recall.


Yea, let's DOWNGRADE to a lower-end phone because Sprint/Samsung can't DO THEIR JOB?  Why should WE bite the bullet when Sprint isn't even trying to satisfy their customers?  You, sir, are a shill. 


The intercept is not a downgrade if u look at the specs everything is same of higher. But if u and others just wanna complain instead of having a working phone then go right ahead. Also i have zero relation to sprint in any way shape or form , i'm just a customer so u sir are wrong!!!!!!


I've already fired sprint and moved to T-Mobile.  The G2 is AWESOME and I recommend it to everyone.  Still, I feel I must correct your misconception:

1.) The Moment has EVDO Rev A, the intercept has Rev 0

2.) The Moment has the standard resolution of 320 x 480 which developers have been developing for since the G1 first came out. The Intercept has this wacky 240 x 400 resolution that is already showing problems for apps.

3.) The Moment comes with SEPARATE charger and Data Cable

4.) The moment comes with headphones.

5.) The Moment camera has a flash for low light.


Also, to add to that:

The Moment has an AMOLED screen, while the Intercept does not.

Guess shills don't do very much research *cough* Barker, eh?

Gotta wait for my contract to end.....Then I may be joining the ranks of T-Mobile as well.


I actually took the hit on the ETF.  Sure I could have won the case in small claims, but it was only $100, so not worth the hassle.  I couldn't be happier.  Sprint was the biggest customer service nightmare I've ever dealt with.  They lost my business, and that of anyone and everyone I can find to warn away from them.  I will be sure to cost them as much as humanly possible.  Sprint hates you, and there's no reason to keep giving them your money.

What sucks is how t-mo and ATT are merging.  I don't know where I'm gonna go since Sprint is evil.  😕


Barker, all Sprint offered me was an outdated Blackberry in trade or an Samsung Intrepid (WinMo 6.5), yay!!! Even after 5 Moment trades with Sprint (bought a new Moment, ended up with a still broken refurbed Moment), and even Samsung themselves sent me a refurb, with broken WIFI.  They did not offer a credit option to buy a better phone, just, "you must choose a Moment or a lesser phone, or you're stuck with what you got."  I threatened a lawsuit and was allowed out of the contract.

I had basically the same thing with Verizon right before I had Sprint, when they took over Alltel (whose service I did like), except it was the SERVICE, not the phone.  I had to actually file the lawsuit to get out of that, but sure as day did.

I didn't want anything extra from Sprint, all I wanted was a working up to date phone with service that also works.  I got a DEFECTIVE MODEL, and no support from Sprint or Samsung.  What they got was the cost of a subsidized phone which I still have, and refunds for half working service.

I'm sorry, but if I'm paying $70-$100/month for service, I expect the provider furnished equipment and the provider network to work 99.9% of the time.

I switched to nTelos (whose network Sprint uses in my area anyway), got a Moto Milestone (AKA: Droid OG) with a "slower" processor, and am happy.  I got to keep the Moment and use it as a mini tablet for my kids to play games on.  If I run the same program on both phones, the Milestone smokes the "faster" Moment anyway.

What also sucks with Sprint here in my area, is that they do use the nTelos network here exclusively.  nTelos is going LTE, so that means unless Sprint (WiMAX) changes technology, there will never be Sprint 4G in WV, even though nTelos will be and Verizon is already building their LTE network here.

Hmmm....WiMAX was such a bad idea, everyone (Including AT&T) is adopting LTE for 4G.  So unless you live in one of the Sprint test markets, you'll NEVER get 4G.  Sprint doesn't own 99.9% of the network they use, and with everyone else going LTE and Sprint peeing on Clear Communications (their 4G provider), chances are slim to none.


I've had the same problem with the mysterious airplane mode affecting data and phone calls. A reboot would solve it but it was obvious there were some issues. I had purchased this phone off of eBay and spent some time upgrading it from 1.5 Cupcake to 2.1 Eclair. The latest software available for this phone from Sprint didn't fix it like everyone experienced, however I have found a solution that worked for me. Rooting your phone to 2.2 Froyo using the information on SDX Developers worked for me. There was a GPS issue but that was resolved by applying one of the fixes. Also, the battery might need to be re-calibrated.

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