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Airplane mode enabled randomly - Still in ALL releases - aka CDMA lockup, Stuck Up Arrow. There is no 100% effective solution for everyone. Phones have a defect that prevents making and receiving calls without warning. Reboot recovers it.

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Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

If it were a problem with Pandora, I would still be able touse the  web browser.  Other users have confirmed it happens with other  applications, Pandora is just one I know I can reproduce the problem  with every time.  If I quit that application or use some sort of task killer to end it, the data connection should start working again if it was in fact the application causing problems.  It's more than likely an issue with Samsung hacking CDMA support into Android 1.5, which never had official CDMA support, the exact reason tower-based location didn't work until the MR.  Hopefully this will be resolved in the 2.1 update, which definitely has native CDMA support.

The only reason I mention CL14 not fixing the problem  is that SarahKS, a Sprint Admin, a few posts back mentioned that they're not having the problem anymore after the MR.  I definitely am still having the problem after the MR.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

Gotcha Larry, I'm still having the airplane mode problem as well. I hadn't seen Sarah's post, but I was already assuming that since Sprint didn't address the issue in their list of fixes, that it wasn't included.

I agree with your logic on the Pandora issue, lets just hope we get 2.1 sooner rather than later


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

Well, I installed the MR (which wipes all your apps, and it turns out that my calender lost a couple of appointments that never quite got synched to google, altogether a pain in the butt, the only apps that were in the queue to redownload were the two I'd paid for) and, well, I had been getting the broken airplane mode at least once and sometimes twice a day, now I'm getting it less, but it is still happening.

Some other problems (like not being able to use an airave reliably, I always used to have to dial twice when I was at home, now I only occasionally have to dial twice) have gotten a little better.

So, no, while this was not a fix for not going into airplane mode, it does seem to lessen the frequency.

Sprint has spent a lot of money not recognizing this as a systemic bug with the phone and pushing Samsung into developing a fix. I wonder if they would waste money and time replacing my phone with another instinct if I called in and reported it, or whether the techs know that it is a "all you can do is power cycle the phone or replace it with a different type".

I also wonder if it is possible to get into the group that gets to test the partially debugged 2.1 kernel?  Couldn't possibly be worse than this - can't reliably dial, can't reliably get calls, can't reliably depend on getting SMS.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

I think I finally had this happen to me.   My phone is about 3 weeks old and has the CL14 update.  It has been solid with no issues.  Saturday  Feb 6th I was shopping and attempted to use "ShopSavy" to scan an item, that's when I noticed it could not make a web connection.  I move to a window (I was in a warehouse) and still could not get a signal at this point I couldn't even make a phone call out.

I saw a message stating I needed to turn off  "Airplane mode".  Held down the "Hang up button" and Airplane mode was off.  So I shut the phone off waited about a minute and turned it back on..  All was fine then.   Not sure what happened here but I did see I had missed 2 phone calls and several email.    I do hope the 2.1 release will address this issue...


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

I'm really hopeful since a Sprint Admin has acknowledged this issue in this thread that Sprint won't let the 2.1 update out the door until this problem is fixed.  I'm hopeful because I don't want to do through the hassle of forcing Sprint to give me a different handset because they sold me a defective phone that requires daily reboots because it randomly decides to ignore the network.

Sprint: "here are the phones we deem good enough for our network"

Me: "but they have software bugs, outdated software (android 1.5), and year old hardware"

Sprint: "you shouldn't be installing 3rd party programs"

Me: "why the hell would i bother paying for a smartphone if i can't install anything on it"

Sprint: "you shouldn't be installing 3rd party programs"

Me: "can i activate a Droid since your Android phones kind of suck?"

Sprint: "Although it doesn't have the horrific problems our android phones do, no"

Me: "why not? it might actually help people stay with sprint"

Sprint: "we hate being successful"


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

Is anyone using the "Lookout" application, by chance?  This seems to be happening when my Moment synchronizes data with their servers.

How about any other backup-and-archive applications?

Thank you in advance!


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

I got the CL14 update last week, never had a problem with the phone going into Airplane Mode since I got the phone in the beginning of January and was having GPS issues.  Since I got the CL14 update on Thursday, my phone has entered into Airplane Mode three times, and my reception is absolutely horrible.  It will go from full bars to one, back to full, back to one, and the three times it's gone into airplane mode the bars go to zero, then to X and it acts like it's in airplane mode but doesn't show the airplane.  I can't turn airplane mode off.  Sometimes the phone fixes itself, but the last time I had to power off and restart it.

I'm outside the return policy.  I'm not exactly happy with this phone right now.  The GPS still isn't fixed.  It no longer shows me someplace in europe, but still has problems getting a lock.  When I had my G1 I got used to get a lock inside my house.  I really hope 2.1 fixes these issues, otherwise I'm going to be a very unhappy Sprint customer for 2 years.

Bad word of mouth goes around quicker than good.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

They may have missed the step to update your preferred roaming list.  Try: Settings->About->Updates->Update PRL

You might want to double check that they really upgraded you to CL14.  Try: Settings->About.  Baseband version & Build Number should end with "CL14"


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

i have lookout on my moment and have not had airplane mode happen with it. my previous phone that went into airplane mode 4 times a day did not have lookout on it. this replacement phone has only had airplane mode happen twice. knock on wood.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

Can you tell me if you have WiFi enabled?  If so, try to disable WiFi, reboot, and see if the problem disappears.  This has worked for me.

I'm not sure that this will resolve your poor call quality.

As far as the GPS, we have two moments.  One GPS works extremely well even indoors.  Both work outdoors but this is just the nature of GPS's.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

I have only had it happen twice and it was when I left the WiFi on and charged the phone overnight.  The next morning I found the Airplane Mode on.  I deduced that it had something to do with leaving the WiFi on and turned it off before charging.  Ever since, I have not had the Airplane Mode problem.


Re: Airplane mode enabled randomly

Is there any update to the status of this topic?

After upgrading to CL14, my phone constantly goes into Airplane mode.  I had no issues with this prior to the update.  I have confirmed the issues reported in are the same as Airplane mode in that when my phone gets in this mode and I attempt to make a call I get the message "To place a call, first turn off Airplane mode".

I have confirmed the upgrade was installed:
Firmware Version: 1.5

Baseband Version: S:M900.8.OS.CL14

Kernel version: 2.6.27 shina.lee@Fortune )

Build number: CUPCAKE.CL14

Hardware version: M900.8.0

The phone status states the phone is in the following mode:

Network: Unknown

User Name: Not set

PRL: Not available

Mobile network type: CDMA- EdVo rev. A

Service state: Radio off

Roaming: Not roaming

Mobile network state: Disconnected

I can very easily get the phone in this mode by enabling WiFi, leaving the transmission range of WiFi, and attempting to download data through the Sprint Network (web browsing and pop attachment downloading causes this).  Also, I can get the phone in this mode when WiFi is enabled and the phone is not touched for several hours -- like when it is left to charge at night.

However, last night, the phone went into this mode and I did not have WiFi enabled.  I was simply sending an email using the built in Email application.

I have reset the phone to factory defaults two times since the update was applied: once by the Settings->SD card & phone storage->factory data reset and once by the method available in CL14 to reset the phone during power-up.

Although the CL14 update has greatly increased my battery usage, the phone is now unreliable.  I'm not sure what to do next...

1) Sprint phone support doesn't recognize this problem.  They claim I can get a replacement phone but if they cannot reproduce the problem on their end I will be charged for the replacement phone.  I'm not convinced that they will take the time and steps necessary to reproduce this issue.

2) Samsung support states they did not create the CL14 update and so their hands are tied.  They are thinking that possibly something happened during the CL14 update.

There are a few possibilities as to the cause of the problem:

1) The CL14 updateis buggy -> software issue.

2) The CL14 update was not done correctly -> software installation issue.

3) The CL14 update doesn't work with a particular hardware versions of the phone (I don't even know how many versions have been produced) -> hardware or software issue.

I don't want to return my phone that I have taken great care of my phone and would rather not get a refurbished phone back with potentially the same issues plus more.  There are lots of players (Sprint/Samsung/Qualcomm/Android) in this game and my hands are getting tied on what to do next.  I would my service provider and the company I purchased the phone from to take responsbility for investigating and resolving this issue.

Can you please look into this further?  I"m ready, willing, and able to do anything on my end to help you track down the cause of this issue.  (the exception to this is making the 3 hour drive to the repair center)

I see that CL14 OTW is available now.  Is it possible to re-apply the CL14 update again?

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