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Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?


Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?

I have the CL14 firmware update and expect that the upcoming Android 2.1 update for the Moment will include additional firmware-related improvements.

What type of improvements would you like to see Sprint/Samsung include in the next update?

Still seems to me that improvements need to be made with aGPS (e.g. accuracy and battery drain when not in use) and with battery life (e.g. cutoff level for hitting critical shuts phone down too soon).

What would others like to see?


Re: Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?

Even after applying CL14- sprint nav does not work reliably. That fix should be at the top of the list since it has been broken since day 1.

All the voice recognition would be great creating a solid 'mobile mode' with good voice recognition with command and dialing.

Being able to reconfigure the functionality of the hardware buttons would also be sweet. No more taking a picture while trying to adjust the volume. (Palm's ability to assign programs to buttons was cool.)

Perhaps there could even be some updated hardware to run this new version on- larger, higher res screen, sharper camera, more memory, pop corn machine....

Be well.


Re: Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?

The top ten things I would love to see on the Moment:

1. The "Live Search" application from the Instinct (Please! This is the only Instinct feature I really miss).

2. Voice control of Sprint Navigation (as in the ability to say "Drive to <address>").

3. Higher priority for phone calls (incoming caller ID sometimes takes many seconds to appear and it is occasionally impossible to answer incoming calls as the "answer" button is ignored...very frustrating).

4. Better battery life (my *standby* time rarely exceeds 8 hours, even when the phone sits completely unused).

5. Multitouch (especially "pinch and zoom").

6. Reliable  auto-connect with paired bluetooth devices (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually it doesn't).

7. Smoother screen scrolling and other user interactions (there is a subtle delay and "jerkiness" that is disconcerting to someone used to the smoothness of the iPhone).

8. Additional standard "Home" screens (how about scroll left, right, up, and down for at least 5 loadable screens?).

9. Playback of voice mail over bluetooth (I could never get this to work).

10. Ability to use voice-dial over bluetooth (does not work).


Re: Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?

Well I dont seem to have a problem with my GPS or  Navigation so far. Works great.   Things for the upgrade ?  A way to go from security to no security. (phone lock) I prefer  to be able to access my phone easily while at home but need security or a lock for it when I'm out and about.  A way to delete a single Email account.  Also I would like to see them have a Restore point sort of like Windows, where you can just restore it instead of a complete restore and data loss.  I would like to see a good backup program provided with the operating system/phone !!!    More internal memory for the phone itself. Maybe that will happen when the Moment 2 comes out.

As a recommendation to people.  DONT buy your phone directly from SPRINT especially if you have to wait for a mail in rebate. Go to RADIOSHACK or BEST BUY or any retailer that sells Sprint phones/plans.

  I don't do anything directly through SPRINT anymore unless I have to, I go to my RADIOSHACK guys and they always take care of me even in dealing with customer service.( I can even stop by there and pay my bill)

  Also I bought a NEW Moment on Feb 2 2010 (from Radioshack with NO mail in rebate hassle)) and it had the CL14 update in it already !!  Chances are if you order one or buy one from SPRINT they will be trying to clear out the inventory of the old ones and you will get one without the update.

Anybody know of an ANDROID app that functions as a quick lock ?  I have one that silences my phone with a quick tap.


Re: Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment -- what should be included?

I love the suggestions here.  My biggest needs are:

1. Phone capabilities cleaned up - No more hitting buttons with face while talking on phone, have the Caller ID appear faster, speed dial from home screen (I have an app but I don't need a huge icon for each speed dial.).  Maybe a single button on home screen that quick-opens with your speed dials?

2. Backup program - something to back up full 'system state' including OS, Files, Apps, Settings.

3. Battery life - I have hesitated to get CL14 because it wipes out the phone and we will have to go through that again with 2.1.  Even pulling all the stops in every board I can find, I'm down to under the 15% emergency warnings by end of day.

4. Make buttons programmable.  I have no need for the camera button most of the time, or the voice command button honestly.

5. Camera - I have to hold the camera button for forever to get the app to start.

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