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App to track failed attempts to sync

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App to track failed attempts to sync

I, like many Moment owners, am having problems with data/phone freezing or signal dropping. The data icon will either disappear or stick in the upward arrow position and the phone signal strength will freeze and not fluctuate. During this time calls will not go through to the phone and data will not transfer.

While Sprint works on solving this issue (right?) I would like to find an app that can track when/if my phone is down. It seems that the easiest way to do this is to track success or failure of my current apps that sync automatically, like gmail and twitter.

Searches of the app store and the internet have turned up no results.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks.


Re: App to track failed attempts to sync

The problem is either a hardware or software issue with the data handoff (I.E.ev to 1x or wifi to network data or vice versa). If u wanna track error download log cat from the market. It will save recent activity of your phone in a text format and save to the sd card.


Re: App to track failed attempts to sync

Barker005: that worked great.  thank you!

For anyone else:

I downloaded aLogcat from the market

Filtered for 'failed sync' (since I use the gmail app)

Click 'more' 'format' and 'time'

Provides a short list of exact times when my phone tried to sync my email and failed.

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