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Apps causing moment to freeze after update


Apps causing moment to freeze after update

So after I updated my moment on my home PC, everything seemed fine and I started downloading my apps again. I noticed that every time I got a text using Handcent, the phone would freeze and the screen would refresh. I thought maybe there was a problem with the app so I uninstalled it. Over the next few hours I would notice the phone freeze and refresh even when i wasn't doing anything, it would just be sitting on my desk. So i did a factory reset on the phone (the update was still there afterwards).

After the reset everything seemed fine again - Handcent worked fine and then I signed onto Meebo IM. every time someone IM'd me, the phone would freeze and refresh, exiting the app. At 5:30, the application to remind me to take a pill came up - froze the phone. Since i wasn't able to dismiss the reminder, it would pop up whenever the screen came back on and it started an endless cycle of freezing and refreshing. So I barely managed to do a reset on the phone again.

Today, Meebo IM works, Handcent works, the Pill application works, but I'm afraid if i download all of my apps again, one of them will cause the phone to freeze up for no reason.

I'm going to take my phone in to a repair store and see if they find anything wrong with it. Has anyone else noticed the moment freezing up when using apps afterinstalling the update?

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