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Backbeat 903 Bluetooth stereo headset


Backbeat 903 Bluetooth stereo headset

Guys, have you ever tried this one out with your Moment?  If you haven't, do me a big favor, try it!  I've been trying to find a headset that I can hear music ( mp3's or audio streaming like A Online Radio) as well as for voice calls (left and right ears).  I've found this one and have been using it for 2's just plainly WOW!!!  Clarity as well as distance (<30ft).  Plus, it stays firmly on your ears.

It works really great with the Moment.  I was at a noise swimming pool today with dozen of swimmers doing practice.  I was able to have clear conversations, as well as clear music!  All in stereo mode!  I was able to use the 903 to remotely control (play/pause) the Meridian mp3 player as well as the A Online Radio, by pressing the play/pause button on the 903.  I was able to control the volume as well, with the volume button.

Let me know how you like it.  You won't be disappointed.

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Re: Backbeat 903 Bluetooth stereo headset

Just to add to that a few important notes from my experience.

I never actually got them to fit properly in my ear, so  I'll yield to others regarding music playback. For the money, you would think Altec Lansing would ship these headphones with several different size earbuds/gels (if this has changed please let me know...).

Aside from that - I placed a few calls using the backbeat as a stereo headset, and the sound quality was amazing. I could hear callers well and the person on the other end of the line could hear me clearly (even while walking down the Street in NY) - in fact, most people could not even tell I was using a bluetooth headset.

IMO the Jabra Halo bluetooth headset is also great - completely different design, but similar great performance as a stereo headset.

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