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Best Mac user Memo app on Android Mkt?


Best Mac user Memo app on Android Mkt?

What is the best Memo app offered on Android Market? It must be able to accept data from my Palm Desktop for the Mac 4.2.1, although exporting said data and re-labeling headers is acceptable, so long as I can transmit by Bluetooth or USB cable to the app using Mac-compatible software, and have step-by-step instructions. Also good security, as my memos have sensitive data in them.

My Palm Tungsten E2 just died, so my only access to my memos is my Palm Desktop for Mac.

Thank you.


Re: Best Mac user Memo app on Android Mkt?

Note Everything claims to be able to import Palm memos and outlook notes.  I use this program, and it's pretty good.  The "Pro" add-on for $4 gives you the ability to encrypt notes.  It's great for taking and organizing notes.  You can take voice notes, sketches, text notes, checklists, and more.  Notes can be exported and imported to Google Docs if you want to share your notes with other programs.  The Pro version has a backup to SD option, so you don't lose anything if you change devices.

LastPass costs $1 per month.  LastPass has the ability to import various file types or just the plain text file (delimited).  It saves usernames/passwords, form filling data, and notes.  Everything is highly encrypted.  The program is accessible from both the computer and your phone.  On your computer, there is an add-on for various browsers.  On your Android, there is a stand-alone app and a Dolphin browser add-on.  If you need the username/password from within Dolphin HD browser, the LastPass add-on will autofill that info.  If you need to fill out a form with your name, address, email, phone, credit card, etc, LastPass will also autofill those items with the form filler.  Concerning notes: LastPass is great for saving secure notes like your family social security numbers, but not so convenient for taking and organizing notes for work or school.  In my experience, LastPass is primarily kept on the internet, and every time you sync, it keeps a locally encrypted copy so that you can still use it without an internet connection.

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