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Bluetooth INOP after 9/26/2010 Unexpected Update


Bluetooth INOP after 9/26/2010 Unexpected Update

This morning, when I took my Samsung Moment off the charger, I was greeted with a message that my operating system had been updated and I had to restart my droid. Since rebooting my M-900, I've been unable to use my bluetooth with any of my bluetooth devices. Spent about an hour on the phone with three levels of Sprint Support today to no avail. All were quite pleasant but nobody had enough information to help me. The 2nd one said she was doubly concerned because she saw the same message on her Moment this morning but hadn't had a chance to try her bluetooth connections. With the third tech, I asked if anybody else had reported the problem and she said she didn't think so. I find that disturbing on several levels. Has anybody had any trouble connecting to bluetooth on their Samsung Moment (SCH-M900) after the (involuntary) upgrade this morning?


Re: Bluetooth INOP after 9/26/2010 Unexpected Update

PICNIC (Problem in Chair, Not In Computer) Error

I had to re-pair my bluetooth devices with my phone. It seems the upgrade wiped out some of my configuration data.

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