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Bluetooth and the Samsung Moment


Bluetooth and the Samsung Moment

Has anyone else had the problem with bluetooth........My husband has the HTC hero, and he and I can pair, but it will not connect??? Any ideas how to correct this??

Also, I have a samsung hands free device, and since the upgrade, I have not been able to even pair with it?? Any ideas???

Let me also add in, that yesterday I received my replacement phone, because my original one was messed up!!!


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Bluetooth and the Samsung Moment

Neither the Hero nor Moment offer any 'services' that the other phone can use (file transfer, etc), so they won't be able to connect.

Not sure why you're having problems pairing with a handsfree device -- anyone?  (I don't have a moment)

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Bluetooth and the Samsung Moment

To my MAJOR disappointment - this android phone doesn't offer ANY useful native bluetooth services other than pairing with a handsfree device, or DUN (dial-up modem)

The Samsung Moment was my contract upgrade phone from my Palm Treo 755p (the latter let me do everything possible with bluetooth - ie transfer ANY file-type .jpg, .txt, .mp3, .wav, - to and from the phone from my computer or another phone).

I know this isn't really a Sprint issue since Samsung designed the phone with the limitations - but as people move to smartphones, business users will want the bluetooth conveniences mentioned above.

(and please - no Sprint Corp smart-asss cheerleader need reply that I can tether with a usb cable - no one randomly carries a [micro] to standard usb connector with them for the "just-in-case" situation when you want to share a picture you just took and want to share with a friend)

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