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CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem


CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem

The stability of the CDMA radio on the Moment was killing me, especially  because I like to listen to streaming radio.  The CDMA radio would die  within minutes of listening to Pandora or  The streaming radio  app would pause usually within minutes of starting it and eventually the application would force close.  It would  occasionally recover, but it generally required a reboot of the phone.   Sometimes just browsing a web page would cause it to crash, but it  generally required a data intensive application.

I noticed that  it depended on my location which clued me into a potential solution.   This phone would switch between 1XRTT and EVDO often.  It happens more  at the gym where I use the streaming radio app.  I decided to force the  radio to EVDO mode (and I am in an EVDO rev. A coverage area).  Now the  streaming radio apps play without crashing.  This will only work if you  are in an EVDO coverage area (it should not matter whether it is EVDO  rev. 0 or rev. a).  If you travel to a non-EVDO coverage area, you will  have to change the mode back to hybrid or CDMA (1XRTT).

As a  note, I am running the CL14 software.

To change the radio mode, dial ##33284# and enter your  MSL.  If you don't have the MSL for your phone, you can call Sprint and  ask for it or use this method:

If  you don't know what an MSL is, you should not attempt to change this  setting because you can easily screw up your phone.

Touch the  "HDR/1X Selection" on the menu that comes up.  Select "EVDO Only Mode"  from the menu and touch "OK".

You may not need to reboot the  phone for the setting to take effect, but I did anyway.  Oddly enough  when I returned to the menu to write these instructions, the default  option, "Hybrid Mode" was selected again.

The music still plays  on.  I even ran multiple speed tests using the app and it  did not crash.

Now for the twist.  I decided to drive around town  to test the CDMA radio by playing Pandora on the high quality setting.   While driving, the display switched to 1X but the music played on.  The  display remained at 1X while I was in a restaurant and the music played  on.  I started to get suspicious that it was really 1X.  I ran a speed  test while the music was playing and sure enough, it was EVDO (the speed  was 717 kbps download, far beyond the 144 kbps 1X maximum).  I checked  the status in the phone settings and it continued to say EVDO rev. A  although I don't know if that means the current mode or what is  available in the area.

I tested it for almost an hour and had no  problem.  I am going to continue to test it but hope others having the  problem will join in.


Re: CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem


I loose network connectivity and get into Airplane mode when the phone switches from WiFi to EVDO because I walk out side of the WiFi transmission range.  Looks like CL14 may have issues switching back and forth between the possible data streams???


Re: CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem

This seems to be a bad idea. When in EVDO only mode I cannot send (and I assume receive) text messages. I get a network error when trying to do so.


Re: CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem

Lets see what a Sprint Rep has to say about this im curious too since i suffer from this horrible flaw myself

this is the only reason why i have to reboot the phone. i feel like im punishing myself whenever i want to listen to pandora or watch a youtube video


Re: CDMA radio stability solution - force close problem

This seems to make the most sense as the root cause of the problem so far.  I notice it happens a lot more in fringe areas and suspected it was a problem with switching.  It would also explain why sometimes I can run for many minutes without it hanging.

But the more important issue remains: will they fix it or deal fairly to help us switch to a phone that actually works?

My plan is wait for the Evo to come out (next week?) and then swap my phone for that and I assume most of us will want to do the same.

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