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Compass issues


Compass issues

Anyone having trouble getting the compass to output accurate information?  I've tried a couple compass apps, and compass mode in google maps, and for me, it's all over the place.  Sometimes it will point in the right direction, then it will just spin around and be way off.  Doesn't matter where i'm at, and there's no other electronic/magnetic devices near the phone.


Just getting on board here with my Moment and noticed the compass issue as well.  Did some pretty exhaustive testing with the Moment vs a real compass and one would *think* it has a magnetometer for the reasons noted above.  Need to see a teardown somewhere...

What I have noticed is a strange behavior which is a "reflected" position.  I see the same exact behavior on two apps and am wondering if the API or the h/w is at fault.

Once true north is known, rotation of the phone by 180 degrees in the horizontal plane reflects 20 degrees *to the wrong side* of 0 degrees (e.g. shows 20 degrees instead of 340).  This looks like a sign error in the mathematics but I need to persue further.  We know "north" of the earth does not move based on my moment.

More later as I dig deeper -- just trying to revive this for now to see if anyone else has done more exhaustive testing.

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