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Connecting and transfering music/pics with bluetooth?


Connecting and transfering music/pics with bluetooth?

1. I just got my samsung moment a few days ago and I am trying to transfer music to another phone using bluetooth with my phone.

So I turn my bluetooth on, then I click discoverable, then scan for devices, my friends phone is found so duh I click it. BUT it will pair but not connect, how do I connect it? I keep clicking on my friends phone then hit connect and nothing happens.

2. So when I figure out how to connect how do I send music/pics to my friends phone using bluetooth?


Re: Connecting and transfering music/pics with bluetooth?

As of right now, the only thing I have found that you can do with bluetooth is send contacts.  Makes it somewhat useless if you ask me.  The way I understand it, Sprint blocks the ability to bluetooth music.  On my old phone I could at least bluetooth pics, but I've not yet found that option on the Moment.  I think it's sad and downright annoying that we spend so much money on a phone and it lacks many of the basic features that you would get with a ten dollar tracphone- not necessarily the bluetooth, but the ability to send texts to more than a handful of people at a time or to customize notification tones for each contact or to call someone without 5 different clicks...sorry I got off track a bit there, but there are many things that disappoint me about this phone-- bluetoothing capabilities included.  Now I could be mistaken-- maybe I'm just missing where you can do other things.  If you find out that I am I'd apprecite if you'd let me know.  Good luck!

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