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Connecting to a Mac and PC via USB??


Connecting to a Mac and PC via USB??

Hi everyone,

I used to be able to connect to my work mac and home pc just fine.  Now I can't.  It's a Mac OS X version 10.6.5. and a dell inspiron running XP.

Yes, I followed the instructions of "enable usb debgugging" under the applications settings menu and the USB notification to allow it and mount the drive would pop up under the Notifications tab and I would select it and connect - no problem. With Windows I would deselect the "Enable USB debugging" option and it would work.  Now it won't and it's driving me crazy!

The only thing I can think of is that I had to bring my phone into Sprint and I'm pretty sure all they did was run it through a software tester (cost me $35 ) but they did completely wipe the phone and reset it (and I'm guessing put all the current updates on it). I had backed up my stuff and have it running as it was.

For the mac: when I enable the usb debugging and connect it at work the Network panel keeps popping up asking if I want to onfigure it. I hit cancel but nothing.

For windows: it will find a new device and try to install the driver and then just do nothing.  I looked in the device manager and sometimes it sees it in the USB section but I can't access it.  I went both to the Sprint site and Samsung's site to find drivers and tried Samsung New PC studio but nothing.

I think the Sprint people somehow screwed me up. I called and told them I was in a few days earlier and what happened with the lack of USB connection and of course they said they never heard of that. Riighhhtt.  Crap. Help please. I got a huge mirco sd card so I could use my phone for files sometimes and for music and this is not cool.

I believe I have the 2.1 v1 release, not sure if that helps....

Please please help.  I need this to work. 

Phone info:
Firmware vs: 2.1 update 1
Baseband vs: S:M900.8.OS.DI06
Kernel vs:2.6.29
Build #: ECLAIR.DJ07
Hardware vs: M900.8.0


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Re: Connecting to a Mac and PC via USB??

Same problem since December (after maintenance upgrade?, but not related to initial Android 2.1 upgrade).  Resolved by using another USB cable (and another USB port), but still not using the original Hero cable (one with specialty connecter).  There must be a recent change in Hero pin connections use for generations of USB cables.  So, first try another cable.


Re: Connecting to a Mac and PC via USB??

For USB drivers , just install the old CL14 updater and it will have the drivers that you need.


Connecting to a Mac and PC via USB??

How do you find that? And, how do you intstall it?

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