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Delete/Log-out of gmail


Delete/Log-out of gmail

I bought a new Samsung Moment phone last night and listened to the sales person and logged into my Gmail account.  She also transferred all my old contacts from my old phone onto the new Moment phone.  After I got home I decided I didn't want to sync up my contacts with Gmail b/c I had too many email contacts I didn't want in my phone.  Unfortunately, unsyncing the phone deleted ALL my contacts so after two more trips to Sprint and Best Buy, I had contacts listed FOUR TIMES in my phone, resulting in over 600 contacts.  Each time they'd transfer contacts, it would store it in my Gmail account, therefore creating duplications (times two).

After calling tech support and not receiving much help (they tried, but were just as confused as I was), I finally created a new "phone only" Gmail account (because I can't figure out how to have "phone" contacts and "computer" contacts since it syncs up everyone).  But then I couldn't figure out how to delete the original Gmail account.  Sprint told me not to b/c it would "permanently" freeze my phone.  Not true.  All you have to do is:

Navigate to settings>Applications>Manage applications>Google Apps then clear data, this will "log you out" of google and next time you access the marketplace, or try to sync google data, it will ask you to log in.

Now everything is perfect!

Some other tips I've found -

If you're having issues with the phone jumping to "mute" or "speaker" while talking, check to see if you have a screen protector on the phone.  If you do, you probably need to cut out a small piece of plastic near the Sprint logo at the top of the phone.  It is on the left and barely visible red lights under the screen.  That is the proximity sensor and if you keep it covered by Invisishield or other screen protector, it messes up the sensor.

You can also log into yahoo email and have it "pushed" to your phone by setting it up manually as follows (sometimes there are issues, you just have to keep trying, it is usually yahoo's servers):

Imap server -
port - 143
security type - TLS (if available)

SMTP Server-
port - 25
security type - TLS (if available)
* check Require sign-in

Now if anyone knows any way to keep the full keyboard lit while typing, let me know!  It turns dark so quickly it drives me nuts!  I did have some issues with the space bar but with the new phone I got today I left the plastic cover on and it works like a charm with my long nails.  Kinda ghetto, but works!


Re: Delete/Log-out of gmail

Thank you so much for the tips, these are very helpful to the Community.


Re: Delete/Log-out of gmail

Thank you so much. I bought the moment last night and have been fighting with my gmail account and contacts also. Very helpful!!!


Re: Delete/Log-out of gmail

Thank you so much for posting!! My Email has froze up so many times in the last few days and today I couldn't fix it by the usual rebooting etc but your suggestion worked like a charm and I am no longer ready to throw the phone!


Re: Delete/Log-out of gmail

I found a simpler way to circumvent this problem. While syncing my gmail contacts will still download all contacts whether just phone or just email, you can choose which display on your contacts list. if you only wish to view contacts that have phone number attached, do the following:

contacts folder


display options

choose "only contacts with phones"

This way when you go into your contacts list to call someone, you will not have to scroll thru a bunch of people you only have emaill addresses for.....

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