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Delete "Frequently Called List" on Samsung Moment - HELP!


Delete "Frequently Called List" on Samsung Moment - HELP!

Does anyone know how to delete the "frequently called list" under favorites on the Samsung Moment?  I've tried clearing the data/cache under Apps for many different items (such as contacts storage,, contacts, etc.) but nothing works.  I've tried searching online and the best people can suggest is to delete all your contacts (un-sync from gmail) and then re-add them.  But as soon as someone calls a few times they're right back in the frequently called list.  It is driving me crazy!  Why would I need a frequently called list when I have my call log?!?

Also - is there any way to disable the buttons on the right side of the phone (voice recognition and such)?  I used to have the HTC Mogul and you can disable all the buttons around the phone - I'm REALLY hoping there is a way!

I like everything about this phone except those two items and the dang proximity sensor.  I wish you could lock the face of the phone while you're on it like you could the Mogul. . .



Re: Delete "Frequently Called List" on Samsung Moment - HELP!

In order t download the application that allows the removal of the the frequently called list, upgrade the Firmware version to 2.1. Then download the application Frequently Called Remover.  The application will allow you to clear the call count, and remove the names from the frequently called list.


Re: Delete "Frequently Called List" on Samsung Moment - HELP!


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