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Email problems with 2.1


Email problems with 2.1

I was very happy with the 1.5 OS but decided if I had 2.1 I would be happier.  Very few aspects I found to be helpful to my use on this device.  There are now some that are rather irritating and a bother.  Mostly having to do with E-mails, which I will cover in this thread.

I am now having troubles receiving attachments from my E-mails.  I can load the E-mail, but when I try to save the attachments I receive this message every time.  " The application Email (process has stooped unexpectedly.  Please try again."  I then only have the option to force close the E-mail.  Can anyone tell me why this is now happening?  I have shut my phone off and on to try to fix the problem as I noticed sometimes the browser freezes and can only start again by doing this.  I have cleared cookies, form data, history, and the cache in hopes maybe this would help.  It has not, I am unable to receive any image in Emails now.

I am also wondering why my phones Email and browser do not save some processes, such as...  Saving a favorite to youtube(this can only be done on my account when I am on a PC.. why?).  Deleting E-mails(they reappear next time I get back into the Email section unless I delete them from my Windows Live account through a PC.  why?)  I have these options but they do not stick and it is rather frustrating.

So far 2.1 is making me hate my Moment because of these simple things.  I only use my phone for these things.

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