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Email settings for the Samsung Moment and comments


Email settings for the Samsung Moment and comments

Okay, first thing is to thank all those that responded to any of my earlier posts about my difficulties with a new Moment. I have finally got a Moment that works great.   Also it came from the store with the CL14 update. So those of you buying NEW moments it should already have the CL14 update. If it don't they are trying to pawn an old one on you. Ask for the one from the last shipment. My Radioshack store had just received a new shipment  about 4 days prior to my last date of purchase (2/2/2010).

At any rate, I only have a few complaints that I have addressed with Samsung already about the this paricular phone, no default settings (in other words a restore point like a PC), the inability to delete an EMAIL ACCOUNT without doing the reset thing and a couple of other minor things plus  the LOUSY quality of the Camera and Video.  My RAZR took better pics.

   However, overall I am very pleased though with the phones performance. Friends and family far away say my call quality is excellent. Texting is a breeze and now  that I have ALL my email accounts setup, that works great.

Tons of great Apps... by the way I HIGHLY recommend you get a backup app from the ANDROID market the very first thing even if you have to pay $4.99 for it.  It is well worth it.  I had to do a reset and I simply restored ALL my stuff from my back-up.   I have no sympathy for you if you do not get a backup app. Also, get a screen protector.  I higly recommend it. I also applied a skin to it to protect the casing some.

Every Email app WORKS Via the SHORTCUT.  YAHOO, MSN, AOL for sure plus my GMAIL and of course my work email too. I highly recommend using a GMAIL account because they actuall show you how to set it up.      But  MSN, YAHOO and AOL,  DOES work on this phone.    If you can't get it to work you are doing something wrong.      MSN/HOTMAIL is a POP account.  YAHOO is an IMAP account.   AOL is IMAP and GMAIL either one.   A lot of you will know what I am  talking about and a lot will not. For the people who don't I highly suggest downloading the User Manual and actually reading  it and getting a friend to help. :-)

If any of you disagree with these settings thats fine, but I  KNOW they work for me and therefore may work for other people.

Personally I am getting to really like it. I am having a blast on it now.  I'm practically on it all night at work. (don't worry my productivity does not suffer...LOL)

Heres a couple of things to help. Make sure you have WiFi turned off when setting up your email.  Although I can use my mail via WiFi after setup some folks say they can't.   Make sure you have Use Wireless Networks turned On.  Make sure you have a Good strong Network signal (NOT WiFi) when connecting.   Go to your MSN/Hotmail account and make sure you have Mobile enabled with the correct phone number !!!  Not sure if this really made a difference but it doesn't hurt.  I'm assuming everybody that has this phone has unlimited data usage. I also have mine set to hook-up to data while roaming.

  Unfortunately the forums are usually filled with people looking for help with problems or just venting. Thats good, thats what they are for. But in my case everything is finally up to speed and I  have no real complaints about the Moment at this point. 

Enjoy Folks !

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