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Email with Attachment won't load after Android 2.1 Upgrade


Email with Attachment won't load after Android 2.1 Upgrade

The Sprint Android 2.1 stock email client will not download email if there is an attachment.  Previously had Android Cake (v1.5?) installed & had no problem downloading emails from either MSN (POP3) or AOL accounts.  After upgrade to the 2.1 OS, the email client now just shows the "loading" screen (but the rotating icon is not rotating) for email with an attachment; the loading never resolves.  Emails without an attachment load OK.

When I upgraded the OS, I had to setup the email accounts again, but that process seemed to go without a problem.  I've checked the Outgoing and Incoming server information & they seem OK -- correct ports and connection security protocols.  And as I said, the problem only affects emails with attachments.

Does anybody have a fix for this problem for the stock email client?  I've seen mention of another email client app - K-9.  Does that app work well for others?

Thanks for replies.

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Update - Downloaded the K-9 app from the Market, installed, setup in 5 minutes.  Deleted accounts from the Android stock email app and haven't looked back. K-9 is superior to the stock email app in numerous ways. If you're having a prob with email, try the K-9 app.

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