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First few days with Moment - Bluetooth and Google Buzz


First few days with Moment - Bluetooth and Google Buzz

I've had the Samsung Moment since Monday and thought I would give some thoughts on a couple of topics.


I previously owned the Samsung Instinct.  After pairing the phone with my car (2008 BMW 328i) everything was pretty rock solid.  In about 18 months of owning the phone I believe I had one issue that required re-pairing the phone.

The Moment has been about 90% solid so far.  Pairing was easy, my address book is accessible via the car's controls and I can place/receive calls with no problem.  However, there have been two occasions where the car/phone did not successfully re-pair.  In each case I went through the menu on the Moment and made the phone Bluetooth discoverable for 120 seconds (which fixed the problem).  Since the Instinct was solid, I suspect there's something intermittent w/the Moment.

Google Buzz and GPS

Two scenarios -- one works, one doesn't.

Browse to

I get a Google page informing me that I need Android 2.0+ but have an option to continue anyway

When attempting to view posts from people that are "nearby" the phone attempts to get a GPS fix but ultimately comes back with "unable to find location."

If I go to first, I successfully get a GPS fix, then proceed to the page.  I can then view posts from people who are "nearby" my GPS location.

I'm not having any other GPS problems when using other services on the phone (Twitter, other apps, Google Maps).

Anyone have a guess?  A problem that might be fixed with the upcoming upgrade to 2.1?

Thanks in advance.

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