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Found the answer to BT voice dialing problem-Samsung Moment


Found the answer to BT voice dialing problem-Samsung Moment

I found the answer to the Android 2.1 update and BT voice dialing problem.

Your Gmail account has duplicate entries or you merged duplicate entries within Gmail causing the problem. If you merged duplicate entries, it cannot be reversed thus creating a new account will fix it.

Here is what I done.

1. I created a new Gmail account

2. I manually added all the contacts entries so I didn't have any duplicates. DO NOT IMORT YOUR CONTACTS FROM YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT.

3. I logged out of my current Gmail account

4. Reset phone to factory settings in menu, This is a must to use the new Gmail account. If you just add a new account, you just make it worse.

5. Logged into new Gmail account

6. Tested BT voice dial, confirmed working

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