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Google calendar not working


Google calendar not working

I have a Samsung Moment.  Suddenly the only calendars showing up on my phone are the "shared calendars".  None of the ones i created are appearing.  They are intact and accessible via gmail, but not via the "calendar" icon on my screen as they always have been.  HELP!  I've tried deleting them, then shutting down and restarting my phone, and adding them again.  I've gone into my gmail calendars on my computer and added new things and deleted things, hoping that a change in the calendar in itself would prompt an update.  I've un- and re-synced with google via my general phone settings (like you can with facebook).  Any other folks out there having this problem?  Any ideas how else to try to fix it?  Thanks.


Google calendar not working

JASONNANNER try this to see if the other calandars will sync

On Google Calendar (web):  select all calendars to be synced

On the phone: 

   Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Calendar -> Clear data

   Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Calendar Storage -> Clear data

   Settings/Data Synchronization/Data Sychronization -> Calendar (force sync)


Google calendar not working

I had this problem too.  Then I added a new entry on gmail and noticed it showed up on my phone.  After thinking I might have to reenter everything I went and moved each item by a half hour and then back to its original spot.  This updated the info and then it updated to my phone.  Very weird way of doing it but it worked

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