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HTML in Work Email, Contact , Organization Questions


HTML in Work Email, Contact , Organization Questions

I just got my Moment yesterday and it is very nice, especially when compared to my old treo 700w. I am still getting it setup to my liking and ran into some issues and had some questions:

1. At work we have an exchange 2003 server and I was able to successfully set it up with Work Email/Moxier. But I notice that HTML emails are not working. Specifically if I get an email with links, ect I am not able to click any of these links because it is just text. If I forward to my gmail (which is also setup on phone) or try Outlook web access through browser it works fine.

2. When I first setup exchange syncing I told it to sync with all my contacts. I don’t really use my contacts and there are bunches (a couple hundred) that I don’t want coming up when I dial or send an email. Is there an easy way to delete all contacts and start over. I assuming I could remove all contacts from outlook that is tied into exchange and resync but I was wondering if there was an easier way.

3. Is there a way to organize the program menu (the menu that pops up when you hit the grey onscreen button. It is pain to scroll through when in portrait mode with all the unneeded apps. I know I can type to sort the list but not in portrait mode unless I am mistaken.

I am still looking through the manual, but I though it would be quicker to post. Any assistance would be appreciate it.


Re: HTML in Work Email, Contact , Organization Questions

I had some issues setting up my work email due to an extra contact folder on my work exchange account so I had to go remove and re-setup my account a few times.  As far as I can tell, easiest way to get rid of those contacts is to delete your exchange account on the phone and re-set it up.  Then you can just uncheck the contacts setting.

As for the html link thing, I have no idea how to enable that in the email.  It appears that that is another feature that is missing from this particular version of activesync support.  Maybe I overlooked something but links don't seem to work.

Not sure about the program menu except to change to a list view but then you have to go through all those programs still.


Re: HTML in Work Email, Contact , Organization Questions

Thanks for the reply tkascak.

I was looking on on Moxier website and I noticed this line: View HTML Emails with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007. Are you using an exchange 2003 or exchange 2007 server? If you are not sure the easiest way would be talk to your IT department or go to Outlook Web Access and it should tell you.

I am really hoping that I am not going to need to ugprade our exchange server to 2007 just to get html emails.

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