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Handy keyboard shortcut keys


Handy keyboard shortcut keys

After a few fruitless attempts to find what I figured had to be present, I finally ran across this pretty good list here:  Some of the keystrokes may not apply due to the buttons support on the Moment. Appears to be written for a different phone, I believe that "Alt" can be replaced with "fn". My comments are in parenthesis for some items.

Android shortcut keys

Open applications:
Browser SEARCH + b
Contacts SEARCH + c
E-Mail SEARCH + e (not Gmail)
Google Mail SEARCH + g
Calendar SEARCH + l (this is an "L")
Maps SEARCH + m  (now you can quickly access you location accurate to 2000 miles  ;-)
Music SEARCH + p
Messaging SEARCH + s
YouTube SEARCH + y

You can add/change these here: Settings > Application settings > Quick launch  (this isn't present on my Moment, but maybe there's another route?)

Scrolling tips:
Page down SPACEBAR
Jump to end of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll DOWN ( fn + Down arrow works on Moment )
Jump to top of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll UP  ( fn + Up arrow works on Moment )

Typing and text navigation tips:
Insert special character ALT + SPACEBAR opens special character selector
Delete character to left DEL
Delete character to right SHIFT + DEL
Delete entire line ALT + DEL
Persistent CAPS Press SHIFT twice; press SHIFT again to escape
Jump cursor to beginning/end of line ALT + roll TRACKBALL left/right
Create tab character ALT + q
Highlight (select) text SHIFT + roll TRACKBALL (Shift + arrow   OR   Shift + optical works on Moment)
Cut text MENU + x, or Highlight text, press & hold TRACKBALL, select Cut    (screen Menu button works for these on Moment)
Copy text to clipboard MENU + c, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Copy
Paste text copied to clipboard MENU + v, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Paste
Undo change MENU + z   (could not make this work)
Select all text in field MENU + a, or Highlight text, press & hold TRACKBALL, select Select all   (did not work in Search widget, worked in other text field)

Browser tips: (these appear to work with the keyboard Menu key - fn then Z then the letter)
Open Go to window MENU + s (where you'd enter a URL or search)

Open Bookmarks MENU + b
Open Windows MENU + w
View history MENU + h
Refresh or stop page MENU + r
Go back a page MENU + j
Go forward a page MENU + k
Find on page MENU + f
Go to home page MENU + ENTER
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o
Go to Settings MENU + p
Page down SPACEBAR

Map shortcuts
Directions MENU + d
Select map mode MENU + m
History MENU + h
My Location MENU + 0 (zero)
Go to Settings MENU + p
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o

GMail shortcuts (while viewing message)
Forward F
Reply R
Reply All A
Archive Y (works on list mode too)

Other Google apps: (I couldn't get this to work on a few apps I tried)
If you are in the mood for more shortcuts on any google apps like mail, calendar, docs, try typing: “?” in the webbrowser when using that app.
You would need to enable this option in settings for mail. The other apps have this enabled by default.

Edit - accidentally found that in many Google apps a long press of the Menu screen button will blink the shortcuts for the menu items.

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Re: Handy keyboard shortcut keys

I guess they removed the way to change these shortcuts in the settings menu, but you can still change the shortcuts and the menu for changing them still exists.

Using the applications AnyCut or BetterCut, you can get to this settings menu.

You can also use the program "Task Switcher" which includes a shortcut to the settings menu.


Re: Handy keyboard shortcut keys

Awesome.. thanks


Re: Handy keyboard shortcut keys

My biggest aggravation so far is that the ALT+Space for special characters doesn't seem to work in Messaging. I just want to be able to send messages to my friends in Spanish with accented letters and ñ. In context, then generally understand, but it still aggravates me.

I love Android, and I'm enjoying the Moment (can't wait for the Android 2.1 update next quarter), but this is the one thing so far that has actually disappointed me.

All in all, it's the only problem I've had so far, I guess.

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