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Hard reset?


Hard reset?

Does anyone know how to do a hard-reset (aka trigger the factory-reset mode at boot) on this phone?

I'm fairly certain something I've installed from the market has bricked my phone.

This is the second Moment I've gotten now, the first time I had assumed a hardware failure of some kind.  Last night I had connected my (1st) phone to my laptop to copy over some pictures, and did not get the USB sync option.  Thinking 'oh, must've killed that app accidentally', I rebooted the phone.  It got stuck at the 'android' boot screen and never recovered (yes, removed the battery, etc.)

I got it replaced this afternoon, began setting up my contacts, downloaded all the same apps, setup my home screen and rebooted my phone.  Low and behold, I'm again stuck on the 'android' boot screen with no viable recourse.

I *really* don't want to dislike this phone, and I *really* don't want to go back to the Hero's touchscreen keyboard.  A factory-reset from 'off' would be the saving grace I need to figure out which app is causing this problem and avoid it like the plague.

Seeking an admin! I need an admin!


Re: Hard reset?

My first suggestion would be list the apps you are downloading and we can compare those to what ohers have and see if anyone is having the same problem. I alos believe you can hard reset with the phone off and hold down the power home and volume up or down key.


Re: Hard reset?

These are the apps I remember offhand - it's difficult to say without access to the phone right now:

All are the most recent versions available on the market:

OpenHome (Full)

Fadetoblue OpenHome theme


Google Sky



Abduction! World Attack (full)

Robo Defense (full)

Flashlight (not sure which of the many, not one of the color/special effects ones)

Bubble  (level app)


Metal Detector



Advanced Task Manager

Astro file manager



Quick Settings

Most of these were installed prior to the lockup issue and had survived several reboots.  Of note is that OpenHome was just updated, and this does coincide with the issue.  Has anyone else installed the new OpenHome and rebooted, and is now ruing the day?

Holding down the down-volume, power and camera buttons while booting brings up a menu that looks like it wants to restore from an SD card image perhaps, but this is the closest I've gotten to a reset.  I'd have to assume there must be a key combo that sets the 'factory-reset' flag the same way the factory-reset from the interface does, as this process happens prior to the android boot screen where I'm getting stuck.


Re: Hard reset?

You will need to contact Sprint to do this unless you have your MSL #. I called them today and had to reset my phone to get it working. The code is ##786# in the dialer but you need the MSL. There is also a factory data reset in Settings>>SD Card & phone storage. If you search on google you can find all of the ## codes for sprint.

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Re: Hard reset?

Thanks for the reply mccyclone, but the problem was I had no access to the dialer app - the phone did not boot past the 'android' boot screen.

I've unfortunately traded back to a Hero - I already miss the keyboard, but after spending an hour with my sprint rep, and him spending most of that with his support channels, we did not come up with a way for an end-user to reset the phone.  That, paired with him being out-of-stock of the Moment meant new Hero for me.

I am curious though - OpenHome just released an update prior to this boot issue, and I fear there may be a system conflict as OpenHome tries to load as the default home-screen manager.  I have no confirmation of this, but if other Moment users have started using the newest version, back up your data and be wary of a reboot.


Re: Hard reset?

that screen that you described by holding vol down camera and power sounds like fastboot. try holding menu and power.


Re: Hard reset?


Re: Hard reset?

Thanks again, but those instructions are for the Hero.  The Moment doesn't have a hardware 'Menu' button, and the touch buttons don't seem to respond until the OS has booted.

I've had to switch back to the Hero unfortunately, as the Sprint rep I worked with could not find a way for end-users to reset, and because he was out of stock of Moments already.

Best of luck to you all, and I hope I just had two bad phones in a row so nobody else has to experience this fiasco.


Re: Hard reset?

Here's the answer I got to the original question:

There is no hardware re-set on the Moment.  The store will have to re-flash it for them.


Re: Hard reset?

um yes you can do a hard reset put the phone into recovery mode. hold volume down, camera, and then power.

thats only after you installed samsungs pc studio software and plugged the phone into you're computer. update the phone...


Re: Hard reset?

I had the exact same problem today.  I too also have open home and weather widget installed.  Sometimes it would actually boot to the home screen but then quickly revert back to the "Android" logo.  I was all set to return it when I stumbled upon a way to reset the device using the built-in menu.  I simply pressed and held both call buttons, i.e., dial and hangup or the red and green phone buttons on the front.  It started the voice app which I exited out of and then said open home was not responding.  I just left the "open home" error as is and pressed menu to get back to a factory reset.  Hope this helps.



Re: Hard reset?

yea sorry about it being for the hero, i figured the the touch buttons would respond after the power button was hit. it was worth a shot ;-)

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