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Help with Moment

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Help with Moment

Hi everyone!! I just purchased a Moment yesterday and I am in the process of setting it up and learning everything. Android is new to me since...I just switched from Windows Mobile. So far...I love it!!! My phone came with the CL14 upgrade installed. I figured out just about everything...but I am lost on a few things.

If anyone has the answers to my questions...please share. Thanks!!

Is there a program or app on the Moment that is equal to the "Live Search"program...where you can speak the name of a restaurant, business etc and get the address and phone number?

If you have a list of emails in your Inbox...know what it is and don't want to open it...can you delete the email without opening it? Is there an option to delete all instead of deleting one by one?

I tried to go to Sprint's Digital Lounge to order ringtones. I guess you can only order call tones and not ringtones. I am assuming with Android you can only order ringtones from the various ringtone apps. What ringtone apps do you recommend? Are they the same price as Sprint...$2.99 with no expiration? What about wallpaper and background is the pricing? Is the cost automatically charged to your Sprint account?

You know that great animated weather app that shows the windshield wiper when raining...LOL. How do you get that?

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any of the answers...or any information to share...please respond.

Just trying to learn!! It is a lot different from my Touch Pro. Thanks!!


Re: Help with Moment

I don't have a moment, But why pay for ringtones or wallpapers when you can get them all over for Free, Or create your own.


Download an App called Ringdroid. It will work great for your ringtones.


Here are some sites where you can find, Upload your own songs, Edit, Create custom ringtones;


Or download Audacty(free) and you can create your own ringtones from your mp3's.

Audacity is easy to learn how to use.

1. Download and install Audacity:

2. Download this file and place it in the Audacity folder:
(You will need to unzip this file) This file is to create your tones as mp3s,
they are compressed to be smaller than wav files by ~ a factor of ten.

3. Open Audacity

4. Click Project > Import audio - OR push Ctrl+I

5. Select the file you wish to cut up for a ringtone.

6. Use the mouse to select the part of the song you want to use. (play the song
and find the right part)

7. Once you have selected the section you like, play it to make sure you like
the section.

8. Click Edit> Trim OR Ctrl+T. This cuts off the rest of the file.
8b. If you want to make any of the song fade out or in, select the part in
question and selecte Effect > Cross fade out (or in).

9. Click File>Export Selection as MP3. Audacity will ask you for the file you
downloaded as the LAME encoder. Locate it in the Audacity folder where you
placed it.

10. Save your MP3 file somewhere temporary.

11. Connect your phone, Drag and Drop it into the Rintones folder

The filename you use is the title in the sounds selector.

Note, use small files as much as possible, because audio files can quickly take
up your memory.

Here is a good site to get wallpapers(Free);

And Ringtones;


Re: Help with Moment

"Live Search" = No.

After 2.1 update we will have voice recognition for the Google search.

Delete email without opening.  Press and hold (longpress) the email that you are wanting to delete.  After a few seconds a menu pops up that will have delete as an option.  No delete all.

Yes get ringdroid.  Its easy and works great.

Weather app.  Not sure which one you are referring to.  I use Weather widget.  It has one like the Hero that has the big clock and the weather.

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Re: Help with Moment

another vote for Ringdroid, you can cut up and select parts of any mp3 to ring.

I dont know about voice search, may be coming with 2.1, but there is an app called Where that is really good and if you want to call a business you can always call 1-800-GOOG-411, they will search and automatically connect you.

Next to your emails there is a checkbox you can check all the emails you want then delete or archive them.

I dont know what weather app you are talking about but I like the Weatherbug app.


Re: Help with Moment

I was talking about the plain email app.  I forgot about the Gmail since I dont use it.  Dont use the Moxier Mail either since my work email is full of Button Monkeys without real jobs that just send emails out to look like they have a purpose in life.

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