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Help with Software update on Samsung Moment! PLZ!!


Help with Software update on Samsung Moment! PLZ!!

Ok, so I downloaded the update for My samsung moment, on a  brand new computer, running windows 7. It will not progress pass the point where u click on start update, the status bar remains empty with the word "ready".  It sat like this for over 2 hours last night, and i finally gave up.  No help from customer service/ tech support,  dude kept saying..."well, on my hero...."  I repeatedly had to tell him I was using the MOMENT!

Anyway, Still haven't been able to do the update, any suggestions why this is happening... The only suggestion i got from sprint was take it to the repair/service store which is 2 hours away! YIKES>>>  I guess I'm still lucky that I can use it at all from what I have read, but I really wanted to do the update...Anyone???

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