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Help with downloading


Help with downloading

I just bought the moment tonight and after activating it I have tried to download apps and it just keeps saying that the downloads are unsuccsessful. Does anyone have any idea why?


Re: Help with downloading

I'm no "expert" (I just got my phone today too-lured by the hefty discounts and rebates) but from what I've read in the last hour it sounds like everybodies p___ed off cause there's a LONG overdue software or firmware update and until that is out and safely on your phone it could cause problems.  There are "experts" here, they must have all gone to bed.  They'll chime in tomorrow with what (I hope) will be good advice and I'll be glad to lurk and read them before I even TRY to download anything.  Good Luck and thanks for posting.  SandyP

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Help with downloading

Crzy:  Can you give us a bit more detail on what you are doing when you try to download apps?

Have you set up your Google account on the phone?  To use the marketplace you are required to have a Google account configured on the phone.

Thank you,


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Help with downloading

If u wanna download from the market u have to have your phone synched to your gmail account. U can either sync to an existing account or make a new one, and this is all done thru your phone.

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