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How Can I Maximize Battery Life On The SPH-M900 (Moment)?


I seem to burn through my Moment's battery pretty quickly and am going to try a couple of these tips from Samsung.

Because of the Android platform, the SPH-M900 (Moment) is a very data-centric device. As such, battery life can suffer with multiple applications and processes running silmultaneously. There are a few tips and tricks to maximize battery life:

  • Turn Wi-Fi off when out of range of any available Wi-Fi network
  • Turn Bluetooth off if not being used
  • Turn off data and voice call roaming
  • Keep ringer volume at a low to moderate level
  • Turn off Audible Touch Tones when using the Dialer's dial pad
  • Turn off Audible Selection (when making screen selections)
  • Turn off Window Animations
  • Keep screen brightness at low to moderate level
  • Set Screen Timeout setting to 30 seconds (lowest)
  • Turn off Auto-Sync for Google applications
  • Force Stop any applications that are not being used

Another battery saving tip:

  1. Press and hold the weather widget on the home screen drag to the trash can to throw it away
  2. You can then press and hold again on the home screen and select widgets.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select the large weather widget
  4. Uncheck Follow current location.
  5. In the search bar at the top enter a zip code or city name and hit search icon to the right.
  6. Select OK

You may also want to set the location for the weather application.

To do this perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the application by pressing on the widget or the application from the program menu.
  2. With the application open press menu and add location.
  3. Click add a place.
  4. Enter a zip code or city name and hit search.
  5. Select your city and add the location.