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Interesting discussion on a T-Mobile site re: Android 2.0


Interesting discussion on a T-Mobile site re: Android 2.0

I wish I could remember the site I stumbled on, something like tmobileusers or something...

Anyway, there was a discussion going on about updates for the current Tmo Android phone lineup.

T-Mobile was apparently quoted as saying that for the MyTouch, and G1, they are just waiting on Google to release the update, as these two phones are "Google Experience" phones in their words (not "With Google")... When an update became available to them from Google, the phones would have the updates pushed to them.

As to an update to the Moto Clique, the users were advised to contact Motorola P.R. department.  Since the Clique came with the MotoBlurr interface, it was not a "Google Experience" phone, and updates if/when released are the responsibility of Motorola.

Since the Moment is running stock Android (plus the Sprint add-ins, Telnav Light, NFL, NASCAR) I'm wondering if this phone is considered a "Google Experience" phone, or is that lable just a T-mobile label for phones where they contracted with Google to provide the over-all software updates?

Of course, the fate of the G1 with it's more limited memory is still an un-known as to whether or not it will be able to handle an official Android 2.0 release with decent performance.  (

2.0 has already been ported to the G1 in a rough form, at least, over at XDA, but was that with all features, or with some stuff stripped out?  (This definitely shows the value of being able to obtain root on your device, even if the manufacturer doesn't release an update, there are other ways to get it.  Gee, do we want to get the new updates and functionality a week after source code is released, or "sometime" in the future?

For some, the best bet is to wait for official releases, for others having the choice is a good thing.


Re: Interesting discussion on a T-Mobile site re: Android 2.0

i would definitely wait for the official. i mean i wouldnt take any chances.

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