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Is anyone having a problem working the Midomi app for the Samsung m900?


Is anyone having a problem working the Midomi app for the Samsung m900?

I recently purchased a Samsung Moment, and I have noticed a few odd things that I've never noticed on other Android phones I've operated.

On the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Hero, if you're playing music on your phone (regardless if you're streaming it from an app like Pandora for example, or if you're playing music you've transferred to your MicroSD card, if while doing this, you could open up an app like Midomi or Shazam and it'll identify the song for you. Not a dealmaker or dealbreaker, but it's kinda neat. It's also really useful to have this ability take place if you're streaming music from an app you're interested in; at that point, you can gain knowledge of the song, and how to find out how to buy it or find its lyrics. Midomi is a little more useful than Shazam because it does everything it can do quicker, plus it can listen and hear you sing or hum a song you're interested in, and it'll match it up with a song in its database. However, on the Samsung Moment, Shazam can't hear the song you're playing (regardless if you're streaming the music or if you're playing it on your device on the music player from you're MicroSD card, hence, not being able to identify the song. Same thing with Midomi: if you're playing the song, and you allow the music to play in the background while opening up the Midomi app, everything slows down (music you're streaming or playing from your MicroSD card) and the music starts sounding deliberately distorted and incomprehensible. It sounds like "chopped and screwed" music if you catch my drift. I've left a comment for the Midomi app, but I was curious if this was my handset or if this is a "Midomi working on the Samsung Moment" issue?

Also, I'm also curious is people are noticing if, on the Moment, that the music player will automatically turn off when you enter camcorder mode? Both HTC phones I mentioned above (as well as the HTC MyTouch 3G, which also runs Android on T-Mobile's network) do not have these little issues. The main reason I'm asking this is because if this is a Samsung Moment specific issue, what other application interoperability issues will become more prominent in the future between native Android features, Samsung Moment features, and future updates to apps/Android OS?

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