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Is it true that Sprint will NOT provide android 2.2 for the Samsung Moment?


Is it true that Sprint will NOT provide android 2.2 for the Samsung Moment?

In early June  2010, I convinced five (5) of my friends to switch to Sprint and select the Samsung Moment as their Smartphone. I asked the Sprint  Rep. prior to the purchase, if Sprint  would be upgrading the Samsung Moment from Android 2.1 to the new Android 2.2? I was told "absolutely" by the Sprint Rep.

In less than 4 weeks of acquiring and activating their five (5) Samsung Moments, we are reading reports that say that Sprint will NOT provide an upgrade path for this very capable SmartPhone.  If this is true, Sprint is not being fair to their newly enrolled and former loyal customers who took a chance of going to a new Android offering by Sprint.

Most of Sprint's customers that selected the Samsung Moment over the HTC Hero did so realizing that they were purchasing a SmartPhone with a pure Android operating system with no added interface. We believed that the Samsung Moment,being a pure Andoid device, would assure that this SmartPhone would be easily upgradable to the lastest Android operating system for at least the near future. The Samsung Moment was first introduced with the error prone Android 1.5 operating system on November 1, ,2009. After being sold by Sprint for only seven months,Sprint provided their customers with only one (1)  Android operating system upgrade to Android 2.1.

Since the Samsung Moment is fully capable of running the new Android 2.2 operating system, Sprint should do the right thing and provide their entire Samsung Moment customer base with the vital improvements contained in the Android 2.2 upgrade, many of which are just fixes to problems included in the 2 previous Android versions provided by Sprint.

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If the phones are under 30 days u can return with no problem. The moment can not run 2.2 for many different reasons. Mostly because of sprint apps not freeing up enough memory to run flash wich is a huge feature in 2.2. Also because the processor may be fast but it is older and not as efficient as newer ones that may clock slower.

Sprint and samsung have instead opted to release the samsung intercept aka the moment 2. The moment 2 is supposed to be released july 11. The moment 2 will come with 2.1 but will diffenetly be upgraded to 2.2. The moment 2 does come with touch wise ui but it is a scaled down ui not a total over haul like htc sense. There are a few issues with the original moment and production is stopping july 24 and sprint will no longer carry it after there stock runs out. If u are one of the unfortunate people who have the originall moment that has any known issues. You will most likely be able to upgrade to the moment 2 with very little issue. They may require u to get a few refurbs untill they finally give u the moment 2 aka samsung intercept.

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If I was in Sprints shoes I would definitely try to sucker Moment owners into taking the downgrade to the intercept.  No flash on the camera, EVDO Rev0, a lower screen resolution, and still the same processor as the Moment.  So if what sprint says about the reason the Moment will not get the 2.2 upgrade being that the processor will not support flash then the intercept will have the same issue.  I think that Sprint should have a heart (for a change) and give all of us that were their Moment "Beta testers" an upgrade to the Epic 4G when it comes out.


Yes an upgrade to the epic 4g is the only thing that can repair the damage sprint has done to its customers. Many moment owners have been waiting for a fix from sprint and sammy and none are in sight. Then we got a ray of hope when the intercept leaked. But now that we know the intercept is actually a downgrade from the moment sprint has left its customers with no options.


According to this PC Magazine article, the Android 2.2 on the Samsung Intercept will probably not run Flash anyway:



Sprint has said that the Intercept will eventually get an upgrade to Android 2.2, but one of the new OS's top features, Adobe Flash, probably won't be available. Flash requires a Cortex-A8 processor, according to Adobe.



Again I say not an upgrade a DOWNGRADE.  Thanks again Sprint.  You have saved me many back problems by making my wallet lighter from having to change phones every year.  I think it's time to move to a carrier that is more concerned with the customer's satisfaction and less concerned with cleaning out their wallet.  If there is one!


I would love to have flash but its not that big of a deal. I'm really interested in all the other features of 2.2 llike apps to SD. The intercept has exactly the same hardware as the moment except for having a few downgrades. So if the intercept can run 2.2 the moment can also, minus the flash support of course. So really if the intercept gets 2.2 their is no excuse for the moment not getting it. Sprint and sammy are just gonna make people root their phones to get it.

With all the info and specs coming out on the piece of garbage intercept i have come up with a thoery. Since sprint has confimed the intercept will get 2.2 and the moment will not i believe sprint will try to replace all moments with intercepts. I think they ca not come up with a fixs for the data lock up issues so they decided to develope this piece of garbage phone the intercept. Watch after the moment goes eol and u bring it in for defects sprint will try and push the intercept on u as a replacement.

Just think what is more cost effective wasting resources and paying out alot of man hours to fix something that has no quick solution. Or coming out with a brand new downgraded less expensive phone to manufacture to quitely replace the phone that has issues. This is just my opinion and i will diffenetly eat my words if sammy and sprint come out with a fixs for the moment. But i wont hold my breath.

Does anyone have a feeling of deja vu. This seems oddly similar to the instinct debacle. The original instinct had problems also and instead of fixing them they released other versions they could replace the original with. Except the newer versions had more features but then again they did have obselete lower grade hardware wich made them awfully slow and frustrating to use. Wow i would have thought sprint and sammy would have learned from their past mistakes guess not.


According to Sprint's official twitter account, the Samsung Moment and the HTC Hero will not get the 2.2 update. This bothers me because by the time we got 2.1, android 2.2 had already started leaking out in to the wild. And they only gave us a half-baked version of 2.1. What's up with that?


If Sprint does not provided all Samsung Moment users with as least one additional update that includes the use of the SmartPhone's SD card for storage of program applications, as originally promised, Sprint will lose both myself, spouse, plus five of my friends that I recently convinced to transfer to Sprint from AT&T.

Sprint Samsung Moment customers are only asking for fairness and not be treated like they are totally expendible.


Class action lawsuit time.

I am so sick of dealing with all of the KNOWN issues this phone has, and to hear that Samsung is stopping production and Sprint won't carry it really ticks me off.

Seriously people, this is insane.  I bought my Moment in March, and I am on #2. 

From my battery dying to not being able to connect to the internet.....oh, and don't get me started on airplane mode.  I have missed so many business related calls because of airplane mode.

All of us shmucks who bought this "smart" phone should demand that we get replacements.

If not, we file a class action lawsuit and get our money back, and (if you used it) your phone contract upgrade back.

File a class action lawsuit and get your money back?  That's funny.  Never been a part of a class action before I take it?  You'd be lucky to get a $5 discount on your next upgrade as part of a class action.  The lawyers are the only ones that profit in a class action.


Of course you're right.

All I really want is the opportunity to get a different phone....

I only paid $100 for mine, but used my 2 year upgrage AND signed on for another 2 years to get the Moment.

I've never signed on to be part of a lawsuit, but sometimes all it takes is strong legal verbage to get results.

What I really want is for Sprint to do the right thing by all of us who bought into the hype and got this phone.

Oh yeah- and I was REALLY pissed off when I wrote my earlier post.

I had just discovered my phone was in airplane mode and I had been waiting for a call from an business associate.

I'm not happy that I have to babysit my phone to make sure it's able to take a call.

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