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Is it true that Sprint will NOT provide android 2.2 for the Samsung Moment?


Is it true that Sprint will NOT provide android 2.2 for the Samsung Moment?

In early June  2010, I convinced five (5) of my friends to switch to Sprint and select the Samsung Moment as their Smartphone. I asked the Sprint  Rep. prior to the purchase, if Sprint  would be upgrading the Samsung Moment from Android 2.1 to the new Android 2.2? I was told "absolutely" by the Sprint Rep.

In less than 4 weeks of acquiring and activating their five (5) Samsung Moments, we are reading reports that say that Sprint will NOT provide an upgrade path for this very capable SmartPhone.  If this is true, Sprint is not being fair to their newly enrolled and former loyal customers who took a chance of going to a new Android offering by Sprint.

Most of Sprint's customers that selected the Samsung Moment over the HTC Hero did so realizing that they were purchasing a SmartPhone with a pure Android operating system with no added interface. We believed that the Samsung Moment,being a pure Andoid device, would assure that this SmartPhone would be easily upgradable to the lastest Android operating system for at least the near future. The Samsung Moment was first introduced with the error prone Android 1.5 operating system on November 1, ,2009. After being sold by Sprint for only seven months,Sprint provided their customers with only one (1)  Android operating system upgrade to Android 2.1.

Since the Samsung Moment is fully capable of running the new Android 2.2 operating system, Sprint should do the right thing and provide their entire Samsung Moment customer base with the vital improvements contained in the Android 2.2 upgrade, many of which are just fixes to problems included in the 2 previous Android versions provided by Sprint.

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I told agree the upgrade should be avaiable to all sprint moment customers. They are always complaining about lose customers and here a great reason why i have been a sprint customer for many yrs now. I tell you everytime i think sprint is coming back to the greatest that they once was, they shoot themselves in the foot.

Well i guess sprint will be losing customers again and then laiding off more employees to make up the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, sprintadvocate I am glad to see your email, and most of the sales Rep just want to get you into the sales, even they don't know/are not sure

they are talking about.

Well, I has been with Sprint for 10 years, and still on the Grandfather plan(2 lines with unlimited data less than $75) , I am currently looking for a good Sprint phone that support Android 2.2 It seems only two choices (Samsung intercept, which is a downgrade from the current moment), or the 4G Evo, which I will have to pay $10 each month.  I am still looking, still don't know what to pick yet...

I was thinking to get the Samsung moment, but luckily see you post and the Sprint post from Twitter.

That was suck that Moment is not supported, I think Sprint knows that 2.2 provides a lot of features that would make they lose $...


I would just be happy to be treated like a customer and not an inconvenient ATM for the company.  It's obvious they know about the major problems with the phone many are having and yet they ignore everyone.  I understand they can't just give you an upgrade to the Epic for free.  That's cool, it's business.  But I wish they would offer another $50 off or instead of the $100 rebate by mail, offer us a $100 instant rebate.

That seems it could satisfy both business and customer.  I know it won't happen, but it would only help if they did that.


I'm with everyone else on this. I find it crazy that an OS that is touted for being open, etc.. is being halted on the Moment! Me and my wife both just got Moments mid June 2010. I was going to get a  4G Evo, but I would have had to pay $10 more even though the sales person told me there is no 4g coverage in my area, but would still have to pay the $10 in case I did travel somewhere that does? So we went for the Moment, and like others we have had our share of issues after the 2.1 update (airplane mode, having to remove the battery to get it to turn back, etc..), but I do really like the phone. It is just not cool to do this to customers. You have signed on for 2 years because you feel this company is going to do everything they can to make you happy. Regardless of what was on the phone when you bought it, Regardess of what Verizon, etc.. are doing with their phones, I am concerned only with the company I am with and how they are handling customer issues.

Who knows, maybe it isn't totally Sprint's fault, maybe the update is more than the Moment can handle hardware wise( I doubt that), but shouldn't the people developing the software ensure users of their OS can continue to enjoy the benefits of the OS updates? Maybe not everything, but maybe some key features? If you want to be the best, and be the most popular, you cannot leave your supporters behind!


Yes, that is not offical anonunce it yet.

However, I have a friend of mine who has samsung moment and get this phone last year around Chirstmast time.

He is able to flash output the phone with the Android 2.1 back port with 2.2 features, like tethering (hotspot), so he can use his phone to access to the internet as long as his phone get internet signal.


I am sure you can find your answer from the linke above.

Hope that help,



I used to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show a lot. Now, RHPS never made it as a "real" film, but it was big in the cult market.  In fact, the local planetarium shows it occasionally.

Now, there is a point, after Brad and Janet abandon their car, that the criminologist comes on and, after a long pause he says, "It's true that there were dark storm clouds.....heavy, black and pendulous....It's true also that the spare tire they were carrying was badly in need of some air."

This has caused people to invent dialog to go into the blanks:

Audience: "Is it true you have no neck?"

Crim: "Its true ...."

Audience: "Describe your balls!"

Crim: "Heavy, black and pendulous."

Audience: Is it true that republicans have no sense of humor? (cleaned up)

Crim: "It's true also that the spare tire was badly in need of some air."

Audience: "So's your neck."

Your title inspired me:

Audience: Is it true that Sprint will not provide Android 2.2 for the Samsung moment?

Crim: "It's true....."

Audience: What kind of baseball bat should we hit Sprint Customer service with?

Crim: "Heavy, black and pendulous."

Audience: Is it true that as basic customer service, sprint should accept responsibility for what they sell in their stores that has their name embossed onto it?

Crim: "It's true also that the spare tire they were carrying was badly in need of some air."

Audience: So does Sprint Management!

I also think that if Brad and Janet both had Sprint Moment phones that their batteries would have gone dead as they power cycled their phones to try and restore service.  Just a thought.

These phones were turkeys - and we got what early adopters of new technology have been getting for a long time...a version one that gets dumped in terms of support well before product life end.

Now, I'm honestly thinking that I like this phone and that I want to keep it.  I got the first version of the wi-fi phone from T-Mobile and it worked no better than these phones do - at least once a day, if not more, it had to be power cycled to reestablish wi-fi communication, and it never successfully handed off to my local tower, despite endless claims that, "theoretically it should work, but it can't because it is too slow and the tower times the call out."

So, the question is, what can I do to make me happy?

Overall, cost vs. service, Sprint presents good value.  If they would drop their unlimited plan to $69 to match AT&T and Verizon, and not try to claim that unlimited cell to cell is the same as unlimited voice, basically staying ahead of the old A & B by saying, "We will match your voice price and throw in data," as they did when the voice price was $99, I'd be a longer term customer.  As it is, well, once a competitor proves a Femtocell, we might get tired of power cycling phones every day....and since we have to replace handsets anyway, maybe it is time to jump ship.

Alternatively, Sprint could say, "Look, all you Moment users, if you are experiencing a problem, we will give you one of our latest and greatest handsets that comes with 2.2, if you complain about usability of 2.1 or something else with the Moment or 2.1 that we honestly can't fix...just extend your contract...." and that extends my decision point for 2 years.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Best. Post. This. Week.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

I absolutely hands down hate the Samsung Moment.  In addition to the airplane mode feature the phone is full of other malfunctions.  I have to restart my phone at least twice a day.  Today is the icing on top of the cake though.  My boyfriend and I both have the moment, he is currently in NY and I am in CA.  Both of our phones have been freezing, crashing and experiencing serious lag since yesterday.  During one of the restarts my boyfriend's phone was stuck starting up for over an hour!  Now both of our phones are displaying the wrong times.  His is showing it's 6:54 am tomorrow and mine is showing it's 6:54 pm today.  Right now the correct time is 3:31 p.m.  In addition I have missed over 10 calls today because it freezes up when a call comes in and there is no way for me to answer.  I am soooooo sick and tired of Sprint's crappy phones.  I had the LG Lotus before the moment and that was a worthless piece of garbage, before the Lotus I had the Blackberry Pearl which up until the Moment I ranked as the worst phone ever made.  After numerous complaints and repairs they offered to give me the intercept which is BY FAR an inferior model.  It's cheaper plastic and the screen clarity is a joke.  If Sprint and Samsung want to make right by all of us then they should upgrade us to the new Samsung Epic FREE OF CHARGE.  Between all the hours at the Sprint store and time I've had to take on the phone away from work, I have figured Sprint owes me over $500  - they can offer me the Epic and I'll call it even.  Until then I have been logging every email, every visit to the store, every phone call and I am prepared to take legal action if necessary.  Also I am interested if anyone is starting a class action lawsuit against Sprint or Samsung...let me know...


Ok Skennell calm down. If you hate your Moment so much switch to another carrier and get a different phone. Sprint isnt going to replace your Moment with a Epic unless you probably work for them and im sure their not gonna give it to you FREE OF CHARGE just cuz the Moment has problems. Also you chose to get the Moment. Why didnt you get the Hero or better yet just root your phone. I rooted my Moment and it is much faster, better performance, smoother, etc. And what do you mean your going to take legal action against Sprint and Samsung? You are one person and Sprint and Samsung are huge companies full of lawyers so even if you toke any action against them you would definitly not win. So bottom-line root your Moment and put different roms in it like Interceptor or just switch to Verison and get the Droid X or Droid 2.


Yes it is true, however it is just becausie Sprint wants you to upgrade. The moment can fully, 100 percent, support froyo if Samsung would program it. Don't listen to anyone else who tells you otherwise



The problem I have with all of this has to do with the fact that I was set on getting the EVO when I signed up with Sprint. The reason I didn't is there is no 4g in the area and I would have basically been paying $10 extra for no reason. Now, if I would have known at the time when I signed up (end of June 2010) I would have went with the EVO just so I wasn't left behind with updates etc.. For that reason, I have a negative feeling about everything. It upsets me even more that I had 30 days to make the switch, and if I would have known at the time, I either would have not signed up with Sprint and waited until a later date, or would have switched the Moment for the EVO. It is these types of situations that you want to feel good about the company you are with, but at the same time you can't because you feel like you were lead in the wrong direction.


i would love to sue sprint i have been through the same crap over the moment

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