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Key Guard


Key Guard

Where is the key guard on the Samsung Moment?  I'm always pressing buttons while I'm on the phone, I know it has to be on there somewhere but I can't find it!


Re: Key Guard

If you have the latest firmware update, the proximity sensor should disable the screen when you place your phone next to your face.  I traded my Moment for an Optimus, so I going from memory.  Try dialing *#0*#.  This should take you to a test screen where you can select "sensors" and test the proximity sensor.  While in the sensor test screen, if you cover the phone with your hand, the phone should vibrate as the proximity sensor is activated.

If you are accidently pressing the physical buttons (camera button, for example), perhaps a phone case will help.  A hard plastic phone case tends to make the buttons a little less accessible.

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