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Messaging reply eliminates 10 digit number


Messaging reply eliminates 10 digit number

New issue in texting with the Moment.  It's not with my Moment but my wifes and I can't figure it out.

If I text my wife and she wants to reply she is unable to do so directly because it eliminates the area code.  She can then go into her contacts list and select to send me a message and it works fine.  I have checked to make sure there are no double entries in her phone book or Gmail and I have synced them.  I have checked settings to make sure hers are the same as on my Moment and I have tried eliminating the dashes in the phone number, all to no avail.

Any suggestions on what could be causing the messaging system to eliminate the first three digits (area code) when the call comes in, thereby making the message reply not function and better yet how to fix it.

BTW, it's not just when call comes from my phone but it also does it when my daughter calls from her iPhone.  I don't know about any others at this point but as I said it happens on hers but not mine...wierd!


Re: Messaging reply eliminates 10 digit number

I searched before posting but didn't locate this until after my post last night.  Here is a thread that was previously started on this issue

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