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Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

The Jury is BACK...

Total BS.   Removing Advanced Task Killer, doing a hard/factory data reset, does nothing new.

Within 10 minutes of a complete rebuild I could lock the phone up by watching YouTube in Hi-Res with WiFi.  Turn off WiFi.

Watch a couple of Hi-Res YouTube videos again, across CDMA or whatevery you happen to be on.   Within 3 videos the phone Popped up a windows that said:   Cannot play video.   Sorry, this video cannot be played.

That is the kiss of data death, voice death etc.

Called my Moment from the house phone... 4 rings and gone to voicemail.    My Moment never made a peep.

SO... The ATK removal theory is complete BS.

Back to Sprint Va Beach repair center.   I will have to work harder to be polite again this visit....


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

I would recommend you don't waste your time at a repair center.  Any advice from them at this point is just a guess.

I have two phones, both have the same problem.  Today, one locked up on me FOUR times.

I had Sprint ship me another phone a couple weeks ago.  It came preinstalled with 2.1.  I did not even provide my google id (which also meant I did not install any apps).  I did nothing to customize the phone.  I could get the phone to lock up just by watching you tube.

You could call Samsung and report the issue and avoid the third party issue with Sprint.  It would be interesting to hear what they have to say.  Try and talk with level 3 support if you can and report back.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

I'll try to be as concise as possible.  Here's what I've been through with this whole fiasco:

- Original phone locked up, waited for 2.1 update patiently.  Failed to fix.

- Took into repair center, and they wiped and re-flashed. Problem persists.

- Replacement phone arrives without 2.1.  I update.  Problem persists.

- I take second phone into repair center,  They wipe and flash.  Problem persists.

- I call customer service.  They send replacement w/ 2.1 Preinstalled.  Problem persists.

- I take third phone into repair center.  They wipe my phone again.  Problem persists.  (I am at my breaking point.)

- Call to customer service shuffled around until I am told they need to call and verify my visit to the repair center, which opens in an hour, and I would be receiving a call back that day.  I never receive said callback.

- 3 days later, I call customer service.  After being repeatedly shuffled from one department and back again for over an hour (at least 45min actually on hold, and one completely blind transfer, where I'm put on hold, mid-sentence, and sent to tech support), I get a manager in the escalations department...apparently the highest level I can possibly reach by calling in.  He attempts to sell me a refurbished blackberry for $50, tells me there's absolutely no way he can replace my phone with a different model, and that he can't waive the ETF if I cancel my service to go to a more helpful provider.  I am livid at this point and demand to be transfered to whatever department has the authority to actually resolve my issue.  I insist that taking my phone back to the same store to have all of my data wiped out AGAIN is not an acceptable solution.  I'm told that if I want to speak to anyone higher, I need a callback.  I explain that I've heard that line before, but accept their offer to have someone from a higher department call me back.

- I get a call back from account services the next day, with whom I have already spoken SEVERAL times, and am told that I need to take my phone back into the repair center and that they can't do anything for me. I hang up on them in anger.

In summary, I STILL have a phone that does not work properly, and not a single department at Sprint is willing to take the slightest bit of responsibility for my problem.  They refuse to acknowledge the many people in this forum screaming about this phone.  They are uncooperative, obstinate, and sometimes outright rude.  I have filed complaints with the FCC and the BBB, and hope maybe possibly they still give the slightest crap about their reputation (doesn't seem likely, given my experience thus far).  I am so disgusted with them, and all I want at this point is OUT of my contract so I can go with a reputable, competent carrier.  All I want is a phone that works, and is not defective.  I certainly pay them enough every month for the priviledge.

I was warned about the way Sprint treats its customers, and I should have listened.  I know the unlimited plans are enticing, but if you haven't already signed up, STEER CLEAR.  Sprint is a black hole where customer service never matter how cool the plan or the phone looks.  They could offer me an Evo 4G as a free upgrade at this point, and I'm pretty sure I'd still rather walk away than deal with them ever again.  Sprint is an utter failure as far as I'm concerned.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

I hear ya...

Sprint is a black hole when it comes to problems like what we are seeing with the Moment.  They cannot handle the fact that there is a hardware/software defect in the phone.  On the positive side, they seem to do very well exchanging phones if there is something that simply has stopped working like the phone doesn't charge any more.

I've tried to ask several Sprint representatives if there is a way to track this issue.  There isn't.  There isn't anyone that I can see that is accountable for ensuring this is fixed.  I finally taked with a supervisor in advanced tech support who seemed to know the ropes very well within Sprint.  The best she could do is to physically talk with another supervisor who 'brought issues like this up on their weekly Friday calls'.  She couldn't put my name down for a call back.  It may have been brought up on the 'Friday call' but who knows where it went from there.

I would also recommend you attempt to contact Samsung to see what response you get.  Try level 3 support.  Please report back to what they have said.  There was another post that claimed Sprint stated Samsung was working on an update in Q3 to fix the issue.  It would be nice to see if Samsung also backed up this claim.  I will contact Samsung again on Monday to check on this as well.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

What are the issues. How do I know if I have one. Thanks.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.


It is quite obvious that not all repair centers respond the same, or have the same technical skills or customer satisfaction skills.   I believe I am fortunate in that the store I deal with in Virginia Beach has a solid level of each of these.    I'm going to have my 4th phone on Monday (3rd since late June).   The tech told me if this one fails they can exchange it for a comparable phone.   So what is comparable today?   Nothing that I can see.   The Samsung Epic that is coming sometime in the next few months would be comparable, but its a 4G phone so I'm hoping they don't compare but so close.  Comparable to me would be Android with a keyboard...   Guess I will see, since I have no doubt the phone coming on Monday will have the same missed calls and pseudo airplane mode issue.   The phone I have now is only 3 weeks old and won't reliably do 3G.   I did not notice that until today.   The saga continues, hopefully the Epic is coming pretty soon. 


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

Well, they do now have a phone they will consider comparable. The Samsung Intrepid. Slightly smaller screen, lower res (same height, slightly narrower, so it makes the phone a little narrower) faster processor, slower theoretical internet speed, no flash on the camera. Other than those, as far as I can tell, same specs.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

Yes, and the Intrepid is what they were talking to me about today as 'comparable'.   No, it is not.   For all the reason you mention.   Smaller is the biggest for me, I am just at the edge of my viewing ability with the screen fonts on the Moment.   Any smaller and I'd have to always break out my glasses.

Since my post of about 10 days ago, I have received two more phones.   Today was my 5th, but for some reason Sprint's records say it is my 4th.   I think that is because they are tracking exchanges in a 6 month window.   Always a very polite group at the Vrignia Beach Sprint repair center.   Never an issue.   I always make an appointment the night before using their website, they have a big LCD TV showing all appointments, and I'm always listed at the correct time.   You pretty much go next as soon as a tech is available.   VERY good store, well managed I think.

Today I talked with the store manager about my situation, he said until my phone has been exchanged 3 times in 6 months they cannot swap it for a different model.   So today I'm on my 3rd 'exchange' in 6 months.    They had a 'refurbished' phone in a box, killed mine, setup the new one.   I spent some time in the store setting it up, exactly as I have done each previous time.    Do not want to leave until I know it appears to be working.   The tech that helped me today saw me lurking in the corner and came over to let me know she'd found the reason my other phone was locking up.

Okay... this will be good.   She had OS Monitor up on the screen of my old phone.   This she says, was what was causing my phone to lock up and loose connection to the Sprint network.    Ah... sure... okay.   And I did not have that on there for the 1st three phones that did the same thing.   So I asked her is the actually DOCUMENTED somewhere.   She says Sprint really does not document problems with vendors phones.   Okay, sure.   So this is yet ANOTHER Sprint Tech blaming a 3rd party APP for killing the Samsung Moment.    Just like the tech 2 weeks ago blamed it on Advanced Task Killer.

Nope.  Don't buy it.  No common thread.   3 dead phones that did not have OS Monitor.   2 that have not had Advanced Task Killer.

Sprint, your techs are GUESSING.    I ran a large corporate IT shop for years, retiring last Oct after 25 years with the company.   Largest defense contractor in the world.   :-)     We could not afford the luxury of guessing.   It makes your customer angry and fixes nothing.   It just makes your customer disappear for a few days THINKING their problem is gone.

This 'new' phone?   Took watching 3 YouTube videos in hi-res over my WiFi, then watching one on 3G in hi-res to lock it up tight.   Oh great....

So, here I sit with yet another Moment, and I will wait for the next Android phone with a keyboard that Sprint carries the I feel is 'comparable', then work with Sprint to switch.

So I guess the the Jury is OUT for deliberations again...


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

I had trouble reconnecting to my car until I realized I needed to enter the passcode numbers as if they were on a telephone keypad layout not keyboard layout.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

My phone always calls the wrong contact.  If I select the number, it calls either the person before or the person after.

Also when in a call, my screen doesn't lock so more often than not, I end up loosing the person because the phone switches to some other application.  I've changed ringtones, wall papers.......

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Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

I don't think its a 2.1 issue... after reading everyone's posts (not just on this issue but others as well) its clear that its a Samsung Moment issue.

I've only had my phone 4months and all of a sudden (have had the update for some time) my phone is constantly force closing apps and sometimes the entire phone shuts down and reboots.  Its constantly warm, even when unplugged and runs thru the battery while doing nothing in less than 4 hours.  At least twice a day it tells me its out of storage space and I have to remove apps... I'm down to almost nothing now while I wait on a replacement.  When I went into the Sprint store the tech guy told the salesman helping me to just order a replacement... If it were a 2.1 issue they would have wiped the phone back to factory as the salesman thought they were going to do... The tech people know!

They better fix it fast or be willing to give me an exchange for a different model if and when it happens again (as I'm sure it will).  For what we pay to have a Smartphone and Data, they should give us a phone that actually works.


Re: Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

Sprint and sammy dont want to have any type of official stance on the moments probs. Becasue if they did it would force them to spend alot of money on fixing it or replaceing the phones.But the problem with gps is because agps functionality is turned off, see my post here on how to fix gps

Also a group of developers are working on the lock up issue and have not completely fixed but have diffenetly improved the issue. this is there website:

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