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Moment Music player


Moment Music player

You won't need Sprint to tell you I'm a newbie!

First, the Moment user manual and the Sprint website say the Moment can take a 16GB microSD.  Amazon says it can take a 32GB.  Who's right?

Second, thanks to some help on these threads, I was able to successfully transfer some music to my Moment.  But once I turn on the Music app, I can't get it to stop!  I find controls to Pause and Skip, but not Stop or Quit.  I had to shut down the whole machine.

Lastly, all my apps are arranged in alphabetical order.  Is there a way to rearrange this, so all my favorite apps are at the top of the Applications tab?  And what's the trick to get my favorite apps to show up on my home screen?

Much indebted,



Re: Moment Music player

The stock music player that comes with the Moment is the Android Music player.  It plays music.  That is all I can say about it.  You would be better served by getting a music player app from the Android Market.  Just click on the Market icon on your Moment.  Some that I can think of are Rock On, MixZing, and Museek.  Try one of these out from the Android Market.  There are more and which one you use will depend on your preference.


Re: Moment Music player

The best media player hands down is Meridian.  It's great and plays movies and movies.  One thing I noticed about all the android players is they don't play wm4 which I unfortunately ripped my music in when I had the instinct.  Some 3rd party windows software can take them from wm4 to mp3 though. 

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