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NOT happy w Samsung Moment


NOT happy w Samsung Moment

I've been a Sprint Customer for a very long time 10+ years.  I'venever experienced this poor level of performance from a cell phone.  The last phone I had was the Samsung Instinct... I upgraded to the moment and now I REGRET that decision.

Do I just have a bad phone or are others experiencing these same problems??? 

1.  Screen blacks out when someone calls - does not allow me to see who is calling

2.  While talking on the phone - my face touches the screen and it OFTEN sets my call to "mute" (screen is too sensitive)

3.  Call Log is horrible - should group the calls per caller (as done on all of the prior phones I've had)

4.  Scroll on the Contact tab... scrolls like a spinning wheel and is too sensitive when trying to scroll one contact at a time.

5.  I have a USB chord that DOES NOT WORK - when trying to download pictures/videos taken with the phone

6.  Videos can not be shared...always get the message "file too large to share"

7.  When on a call - the phone does not alert you when a text arrives

8.  Font is TOO SMALL... does not allow you to adjust font size

9. Synching capabilities do not work

Sprint representative told me that these are some common complaints about this phone.  She also told me that a new version will be available to download and it will correct these issues.

I bought the phone mid March 2010---it is mid-May.... has anyone received any upgrades?


Re: NOT happy w Samsung Moment


Re: NOT happy w Samsung Moment

Yes most have already upgraded to the new operating system(OS) android 2.1. Take it to a sprint store with a repair center and they can do it for u it fixes almost all the probs u described.


Re: NOT happy w Samsung Moment

Forgot one thing. To connect the phone  to computer tru usb download samsung pc studio turn the phone off plug in usb, turn phone on wait a min for drivers to install then go to notification hit usb notification and hit mount sd. then u should beable to move pics and audio

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